Fix Khmer Unicode Display In Google Chrome

This post is a simple tip on how to fix Khmer Unicode font display weirdly in Google Chrome for Facebook and various other sites. Below is how the weird font looks like.

So we’re going to fix it to display in proper Khmer unicode font like Khmer OS Battambang.


  1. Go to Chrome Setting
  2. Scroll down (or use “Search settings”) to look for Customized fonts.
  3. In Customize fonts, menu scroll to the bottom to look for Advanced font settings.
  4. If you haven’t had “Advanced font settings” chrome extension installed it will route you to add it to chrome.
  5. Now that “Advanced font settings” extension is added you should be able to see the advance font settings page as below:
  6. Simply configure the same as screenshot above. For font, you don’t have to necessarily pick Khmer OS Battambang, you can pick any Khmer unicode font.
  7. Then click Apply settings, then your font should change.
  8. However, no change is observed.  Then go to setting again then Customize font.
    Unders Standard font also select the Khmer unicode font that you want. Then it should reflect now.





Fix Khmer Unicode Display In Google Chrome

Type Khmer Unicode Properly In Illustrator

If you are having problem typing Khmer Unicode in Illustrator,  then this post will help to fix that. The problem I encountered was that the leg doesn’t appear after type ‘j’ and the vowel some time on wrong letter. Well anyway, basically, the problem is when you type it doesn’t turn out as it supposed to be. You need to do below settings. FYI: I’m using Adobe Illustrator CC.

Step 1: Go to Edit > Preferences > Type… Then make sure that “Show Indic Options” is ticked.



Step 2: Click on Paragraph link to see the paragraph dialog box then click on the little menu icon on top right of the dialog and make sure that the option “Middle Easter & South Asian Every-line Composer” is ticked.


With this you are good to go. 🙂 Enjoy typing Khmer in Illustrator. If it doesn’t work please drop a comment and mention your illustrator version.

Type Khmer Unicode Properly In Illustrator

Speed Up My Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N9005)

Well, one of the main ways (source URL) to speed up an Android Phone is basically to remove bloatwares. I haven’t got around to do it for the longest time because my phone was still under warranty and removing bloatwares required my phone to be rooted (i.e. voiding the warranty). Finally, my warranty is over and I’m finally doing it.

Phone Details
Device Name: Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Model: SM-N9005
Android version: 4.4.2
Baseband version: N9005DXUGNH1

Actions Taken

  1. Rooting my Note 3
    How-to: Root International Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 Runs on 4.4.2 KitKat
    Regardless of your phone model, it’s pretty simple to find root instruction on Google. I just google ‘root sm-n9005’, and got plenty of result. Your only job is just to pick out the most comprehensive instruction.
  2. Install System app remover (ROOT) and Titanium Backup Pro Apps
    Basically these 2 apps helps to be able to Remove or Freeze system application/ bloatware which you are unable to do in your Application Manager. Actually, having Titanium Backup would suffice. I just happened to be using System app remover first to remove bloatware and then stumble upon Titanium Backup afterward. Another thing to note about Titanium back up is that apparently, you would need to purchase the PRO version to be able to freeze app.
    More on How-to Freeze/Remove phone app: here. or here.
  3. Start Removing Those Bloatwares!!
    I know that there are a bunch of defaults apps come with Samsung but I really don’t know that there are just so many of them. So yeah, if you are not aware you would be bombarded with shock and confusion as which app should you remove/freezing. Well, don’t worry, there’s a list. Yes there’s always a list. Before looking at the list. You have to understand something about removing / freezing an app. As far as I know, removing is completely uninstalling the app, which is not so advisable if you’re not really sure what you are doing. Freezing on the other hand is safer because it’s a reversible process. So mostly I freeze the app, and only remove the ones that I’m pretty sure I’m never gonna need it. So yes the list. There quite a few lists that you may want to refer to which I did.
    – List of Bloatwares created and contributed by XDA Developers.
    Another bloatware list from XDA forum.
    Another list I found on AndroidCentral which contains some apps not listed in the ones on XDA.
    – Safely Removable System Apps on Note 3 from Androidviews.
    My Own List after referring to all above and done on my phone.
  4. Stop Using TouchWiz
    If you don’t already know. TouchWiz is notoriously slow. So there are two that I would recommend – Nova Launcher Prime or Google Now Launcher. I’m using Google Now Launcher because it’s free and Nova isn’t. Also it’s simple and straight forward not so many setting and configuration like Nova. So if you like more control and customization, you might want to go for Nova.

After 4 steps, my phone is so smooth and fast now. Regardless of your android device model, you can always do this just that you would probably need to Google the instruction that suites your device model. Cheers!

Speed Up My Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N9005)

Console Game Emulator

Way back long time ago when I couldn’t afford a console, I was really into this. The problem was the emulator back then wasn’t good enough. And the internet connection wasn’t fast enough to download the ROM as well. On top of that, the PC graphic card those days can barely handle it. The ones that can are extremely expensive. Only nowadays, after my friend and brother tried it and it works great. Now I’m back to emulator again. So here I’m going share some stuffs about the emulator I’m using.

  1. Emulator: ePSXe and PSCX
    I’m mainly into PS and PS2 RPG games. The 2 best emulator for PS / PS2 games are ePSXe and PCSX 2. Currently, I’m using ePSXe ver 1.8.0 and PCSX 2 ver 1.0.
  2. Bios
    The main problem we’d encounter right away after installing the emulator is that we’re supposed to choose a bios to run the game but no bios found. I think we’re supposed to extract the bios ourselves or something. But of course, we aren’t going to that. You can get bios for PCSX2 here and here. If the links no longer working you just google them with keyword like “pcsx2 1.0 bios”.
    As for ePSXe, get them here, here, or here.When you got your bios package, chances is that you’d have many version of bios. Rule of thumb for me, I just choose the latest bios. For ePSXe, I’m using scph7502 bios. Below is the screenshot for my PCSX2 bios setup.
  3. Plugins
    By right, from default installation you should already have a set of plugins at your disposal. These plugins are probably very intimidating for newbie to emulator. There are a lot of things to set. But usually, if the default set up works fine for you and you’re happy with there’s no reason to mess with it. But as currently, I’m using ePSXe to play FFIX, I find the default setup isn’t good enough so I google around for the best Video and Sound plugins to use.

    My plugins for PSCX2 is by default, I haven’t started using it yet so there’s no customization.


    As for ePSXe, which currently I’m using to play my FFIX, I’ve changed the video plugin to Pete’s OpenGL2 Driver 2.9 and sound plugin to P.E.Op.S. DSound Audio Driver 1.9, which according to forum, are the best plugin for plugins for ePSXe.


    Video Plugin Configuration: This is my configuration for my video plugin


    It looks really really intimidating but fortunately, there’s a quick to set it. If you notice, there’s a Default settings box where you can quickly choose Fast or Nice. Usually, if your graphic card is not that powerful, you’d want to click the “Fast” button. The nice button would help enhance your game graphic to look nicer and sharper on your very high resolution monitor.

    One thing to note about this video plugin is that you’d might have “Missing render-texture extension – No Pixel format Available” error. To resolve this, you can simply, choose “None” for texture filtering.

  4. Configuring KeyPad
    It’s getting easier from here. Almost the fun part. So yeah before you can start enjoying your game you need to configure your keypad first. You can configure your keyboard to play but it’s more advisable to get a controller.
  5. ROM ISO
    Of course, to play the game you need the game to run from the emulator. They call it ROM and ROM comes in ISO form. So basically, you just need to download this ROM thing and run it from your emulator.
    My 2 main source for ROM is RomHuslter and Emuparadise. I think these two would have plenty of game to quench your thirst for gaming.

Finally, after all the trouble, time to enjoy your game!

Console Game Emulator

Harddisk Partitioning

Twice in 24 hrs I encounter people needing to re-partition their hard drive without losing data or reformatting their PC. I’ve never actually done this before. I have never had the need to do so. Neither did I know that it’s possible.  I think this is something worth sharing.

There are different ways you can do that. I’ve googled and pick out some of the instructions on different ways you can do it. Of course you can google that yourself as well. My list are just basically example where I found that the author of the content gave very clear and comprehensive steps to follow which makes it easier for the lest techie person:

  1. Using WinSuit 2012
    It’s is pretty simple instruction to get the job done. However, you’d have to pay 50 bucks for the software.
  2. Using Window Administrative Tool by
    This is video guide which leads you through how to do that by simply using the already available Windows’ Administrative tools. I think this one would be ideal since it’s free and doesn’t requite you to download and install extra software. But I’m not sure how effective can that be given the bad history of Windows default tools. Nevertheless, no harm giving it a try.
  3. Using GParted
    This is an old article on how you can do that with GParted with a backup software to do it. I think this is more for very a drastic change in partition. So you just simple want to take out some free space from your D drive and push it over to C, I don’t think there’s a need for this. I picked out this guide basically just intending to show that you can really go so far as a complete revamp of your partition.

I don’t think very often you’d need to re-partition your hard disk but as rare I thought, people still do need to do it. Again the above 3 different instruction is I picked out from google search and I’ve never actually tried it personally. So there’s no personal comment on my part on how effective each instruction is.

Harddisk Partitioning

Handy Tools (20 Nov 2011)

Just dropping a few handy software I came across these few days.

Bloom is a multi platform desktop app that let you upload your photos and videos easily and efficiently to Facebook, download albums and view your friends’ photos. Yesterday, I was having problem uploading photo to my FB from my browser. Somehow, when it uploaded halfway it always hang. So I do what everybody does and google for a way to upload my photos. So that’s how I came across Bloom. Very nice and handy tool indeed. You’ll enjoy it.

DigiDNA DiskAid
It’s basically a software that allows you to copy stuff and out of your iPod Touch/iPhone without having to Sync with iTune. I was having trouble trying to copy out the voice recording from iPhone the other and I don’t really the stupid iTune sync, so I couldn’t even be bothered to figure out how it works. Instead, I went to google around to find a software that allow me to just drag and drop, and copy paste. I know there many of these kind of software around but DiskAid is one of the few I found that is as very comprehensible because it looks almost like your internet explorer. So the rest of the familiarization is take care of by your instinct.

Wondershare iMate
Does almost the same thing as DiskAid I think haven’t really fully tested this out. But one very obvious aspect is the interface. This one has a very nicely design interface, feel pleasing to and make you wanna use it. Comprehensible or not is another story of course.

Handy Tools (20 Nov 2011)

Updates On Some Cool Stuffs

First is something I’m very excited about. I have lost interest or should I say time to have time interest on anime for a long time. Finally, one title has sparked that interest again. That is the newly released Fate/Zero which will also be followed by Fate/Zero 2 in 2012. Here is an awesome cover!

Other that I also saw Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam and Hunter x Hunter 2011. After reading the manga, I’m really curious to what’s going be the storyline of Hunter x Hunter 2011 is it going to follow the manga and just whole other story?

Other than anime, I was browser AllYouLike then found some really interested and potentially useful software.

  1. ConceptDraw Office Pro
    This is actually interesting software. I’m think of trying it out.
  2. WebcamMax
    I seriously don’t know what people will use this for but interesting.
  3. Pearl Mountain Picture Collage Maker Pro v3.1.6.3545
  4. Microsoft Office 2010 PRO Plus
    Enough said.
  5. Cucusoft iPad iPhone iPod to Computer Transfer
    A handy for apple product user on PC
  6. Collection of Programs For Data Recovery – AIO
    You’ll need this sometimes.
  7. Microsoft Visio Premium 2010
    Never know of this. Looks like something I need.
  8. Advanced SystemCare Pro
    This is good. Helps to clean shit of your com and help speed it up.
  9. Portable USB Apps
    I’m quite a fan of portable apps. Why? why not? a software that can run without installing is just awesome. And this is one giant epic collection of it.
Then I also came across two seemingly awesome games—Magic-The Gathering: Duel of the Planes (gameplay) and Darksiders (gameplay). The gameplay looks awesome. Although I don’t really play games nowadays, but since it’s looks very tempting to me, I thought it’s worth sharing.
Updates On Some Cool Stuffs

Access gMail offline

Dunno if this will be handy but definitely interesting. Anyway here it goes:

GMail introduced a new feature recently, that is browsing mails offline.

  1. Install Google Gears, you can download the online installer from here
  2. Run the online installer and it will install Google Gears on your system.
  3. Open your GMail and navigate to the settings and then to the Labs tab
  4. There you will find a feature called offline, Enable that.
  5. It will ask your permission to install offline access for GMail, click next.
  6. Then you get a Google Gears security warning, allow it.
  7. Click ok in the next window and you are done.
  8. It will download all your mails to your hard drive for offline browsing.
    You can see the status in the status window.

Have fun browsing gamil offline.

Access gMail offline

Don’t Anyhow update Your PSP Custom Firmware

WARNING: Don’t anyhow update your PSP Customer Firmware when you’re in the middle of your game.

Complete the game before you do it. Recently, I don’t know what’s gotten into me (Maybe it’s World Cup) and I decided to update my PSP Custome Firmware to 5.05 GEN-C (Full) to play Fifa 2010. Then guess what!? When I went back to my Jeanne D’Arc, I couldn’t load the saved game and it says data is corrupted! WTH! I was one boss away from completing the game…. sighz…

Can’t be bothered to start the game all over again now. I just assume that I completed the game with the exception I miss the ending scene… really wth. I couldn’t complete my Crisis Core because memory card broke and now again with Jeanne D’Arc because of this. I really seem to have no luck completing any game on PSP. If it happens again with Valkyria Profile. I’m seriously going to sell it away.

Don’t Anyhow update Your PSP Custom Firmware