Vientiane, Laos Trip

This is my 2nd time visiting Vientiane. This time round I’m here alone on a business trip to train engineer in Laos. And I’m here for 2 weeks which is a long trip. Despite that, I haven’t really been visiting exploring much because of busy schedule. I only have evening and night time to go around but I find that I don’t really dare to go out at night. Along the street is pretty dark and there isn’t much city lighting and it’s quite quiet, very little traffic. So I don’t really feel that safe to go out alone. I thought of renting a motor bike but at the thought of riding alone, I decided not to.

I find that people over here are very laid back. Not much businesses, street not very bustling, and no high rise building. Spending two weeks here is pretty tough. Most of the evening, I just order room service for dinner. Good thing is that the hotel food is quite good. Most of my adventure are trying out different food. So here is some brief snapshot of my Laos trip.

I was booked for City Inn Vientiane hotel. I like this it here. My previous trip I stayed at Saibaidee@Lao Hotel which is like USD 20 more expensive but not very much better. The wifi at City Inn is so much faster but the breakfast not as good and less variety. Room-wise, I think they are more or less the same.

Day 1

Breakfast at hotel. During lunch, I was brought to this place called Chokdee Dimsum Gold Restaurant. They had dim sum buffet and other non-buffet dishes as well. I ordered BBQ Pork Rice and Iced Milk Ovaltine. And my Laos colleagues ordered some other side dishes. My BBQ Pork Rice was not bad. The Ice Milk Ovaltine was also quite good because they don’t use condense milk like in Cambodia. They use fresh milk and they made it not so sweet. But my highlight of the lunch would have to be the fried dumpling with chili. The fried dumpling was very nice and goes very well with the chili though very spicy.


For dinner, I ordered room service. Actually, that was the first time, that I ordered meal room service from hotel. Usually, I find that they are very overpriced, so I don’t really order. Anyway, my order were Cream of Mushroom Soup, Garlic Bread, Spicy Chick Wings and Spaghetti Bolognese.

Day 2

Breakfast as usual at hotel. During lunch, my Laos colleague brought me to try their really local food. Lap Lao Beef eaten with sticky rice. They seem to find it very delicious that they ordered like 3 servings of it. For me, it’s not particularly that good because first of it contains pra hok (smelly fermented fished thing) and secondly, there were a lot of vegetables, most of which are not to my liking.


For Dinner, again room service. French Fries, Corn and Spinach Au Gratin, Chicken Spring Rolls and latte for late night caffeine as it was going to be a long night working. The Corn and Spinach Au Gratin is actually a mistaken order. I placed order for 713 but some how the room service guy must have heard 703. I tried it anyway. It was not bad but it was just too corny that I was unable to each much of it.


Day 3

Breakfast at hotel as usual. For lunch, I was brought to the nearby Pho noodle store. I ordered a large bowl pho and coconut shake. I had to say it was good Dinner room service: Golden Fried Prawn, Cream of chicken soup, and Chicken Cordon Bleu.


Day 4

Breakfast at hotel as usual. During lunch, my Laos colleague brought me to Pizza company which would not be my choice of food-to-try in Vientiane. Anyway I ordered seafood spaghetti and chicken wings. Nothing spectacular to review.

Day 5

Again the usual breakfast at hotel. Lunch with Allen at this western buffet restaurant.
Went Swedish Pizza had worst seafood spaghetti ever. Thin Hawaiian pizza and banana shake.
Room service at hotel.

Day 6

Thailand. Porridge at Udon. Seafood. KFC.

Day 7

Breakfast at hotel. Lunch at Chokdee Dimsum Gold Restaurant. Dinner Room Service: Cream of Chicken Soup, Chicken Spring Rolls, Mix Fresh Fruit Juice and Grilled Fish in Lemon Butter Sauce.

Day 8 – Day 10

One of the days, they took me out of town to Thailand (specifically Udong Thani and Nong Khai). We dropped by PTT for a quick 7Eleven breakfast and Amazon coffee. Then at some road side porridge which was delicious. Then we went to Home Pro where I went nuts and wanted to buy everything. Then the highlight of the day was the lunch seafood (pic below). The tom yum was awesome. The grill squid was fantastic. And then there was the mini lobster or tiger prawn whatever you want to call it, which I don’t have time to describe because I was busy devouring them. It was very fresh and well grilled. I ate everything from head to tail. But in order to enjoy the food, you have to have quite high tolerance for spiciness (which Thailand is famous for) because everything is really spicy.

Other than that, I totally lost track hahaha and it’s been a long post. All in all, I think this is the trip that actually gave me a proper introduction to Vientiane. The first time was we were to busy and exhausted by work. Compared to Phnom Penh, Vientiane is still a far more serene, laid-back,  chilled city I think. It’s a good place to visit just to readjust a your tempo and experience a slower pace of life.

Vientiane, Laos Trip

Gullible, Insensible, Irrational World

These few days (Local Spelling: បុណ្យភ្ជុំបិណ្ឌ) is Pchum Ben festival in the country, an occasion where people mostly return to their hometown to meet family and preparing offering to bring to pagoda to pray and pay tribute to their ancestors. Since, I’m pretty much a city boy I don’t really have a hometown to go so generally I come along with my wife to her hometown. It’s probably one of the few occasions that we get to visit.

For my wife, this is a rejuvenating break where she is geographically away from work and get to spoil herself with food and sleep. Her simple version of escape is to get away from complex and hectic city life back to her root where things are simplified and people are simplified. Every time she comes back her mood turns cheerful, her skin turns fresh and her mind is at rest (well at least not until people start criticizing her weight, her life etc.).

For me, that was probably the only good thing of coming here. It makes her happy. The time here for me are mostly reflection time because every time I’m here a lot of thoughts never fail to cross my mind from things I hear and people I observe. It never fails to provoke me into switching on my laptop to write. Even after I’ve just recovered from heavy flu and about to pack up and go back I do not want to leave the thought hanging without penning it down.

Frankly, I don’t even know where to start or how to best describe without showing vindictive intent. 🙂 Well not exactly, but some time it really upsets me to be just a powerless bystander. There is a saying that you can’t teach an old dog a new trick. But this is more like a next level old poorly educated deep culturally rooted stubborn dog so much so that if they were reading this text they would probably stop right here and make an angry takeaway that I’m comparing them to a dog. Even when all I did was just adding more descriptive adjective to the metaphor in the idiom. Even as we were having dinner yesterday, I was telling my wife when I come here it always remind me to question myself again why did I return to this country after working so hard to leave this place and continued to stay out of it.

When we come to the province, it’s always the same routine where we go around meeting all the relatives, showing our courtesy, and endure through the repetitive generic conversations and questions. Why are you so fat? Why don’t you lose some weight? How much are you making now? The son/daughter/nephew/niece of this uncle/that auntie is making $XXX? Why you still cannot afford a car? When are you going to have kid? Why you keep so long? it’s not good. My first few encounters were excruciating. Then eventually I just learn to listen from left ear and let it out through right ear filtering for content that is worth listening to. I’m probably not the best person to rant about family value and making human connection. But I’m pretty sure that family are not supposed to be agent that apply social pressure and status quo on each other. Or probably I wasn’t brought up that way.

I understand that people here love making connection and keeping in touch. Personal relationship and friendship rules over everything. I have also observed that underneath all that is a thick layer of gossip, status quo comparison, hypocrisy and lies. This is the culture and way of life here. I can tell it’s not something that can simply change by logical reasoning. What I know is that it’s definitely something that I do not want to be a part of. However, it’s also not something I can easily distant myself from. Sometime, I don’t even know if I’m angry, frustrated, upset, sad or miserable. Probably all once. All I know is that I’ve been overseas for a very long time, I’ve trained myself both personally and academically. I have seen progressive society. Then when I have to come back to a society where majority of people still so gullible, insensible, irrational and corrupted. I just felt hopelessness. People go around throw big words about patriotism, national progress, blah blah. But in actuality, everybody is like a starving dog who would selfishly do anything to survive and keep its family alive.

I’m not a country changer, big talker and any political leader material. I know that for a fact. I’m an engineer in profession and an artist, designer, casual photographer and gamer, anime lover, movie enthusiast, book lover, board game hoarder in hobby. I’m passionate about what I do, what I love, and the people I love. I know my place and my role in society. And I believe that’s how society progresses. Everybody knows their place and play their role passionately, professionally with honesty and integrity. That’s exactly how it is when I was back in Singapore. And everything makes perfect sense. Everybody lives in harmony. But here? People want high position, bigger title, more pay, less work. And I’m not going to start talking engineer (for my area which is software) quality. It really doesn’t make sense to me at all. The logical thing is that if you’re not good enough, you be looking for opportunity to learn and grow to fulfill your role. And if I meet someone who’s smarter and full of knowledge, I would be delighted because there would be so much things I can learn from him/her. But here from my experience in working environment so far, it’s a complete opposite.

With all that said, I have also met and known truly great people. I really admire what they are doing to try to change whatever I’m complaining about in the generation to come. I really sincerely pray for blessing to their endeavor from my heart because what they do is selfless and will pave way for many people children including mine. I’m also grateful that I have known and befriend them because only the thought and connection with these group of people that keep my candle of hope for this country up and keep me grounded in this God forsaken country. And of course my most beloved family and wife.

Gullible, Insensible, Irrational World


Resume─your self-made ticket to job interview. Recently, my youngest sibling and my younger sister-in-law just graduated and moving to their next chapter of life which is the working life. This is what started me pondering on this. Since I started work over here, I’ve been given the liberty to interview people. So far I’ve looked at roughly 10+ CVs and interviewed most of them. Then I get to look at my own brother and sister’s resume. They all have 1 thing in common and that is the resume was very badly done.

Let’s look at what is resume? To me, resume is like a ticket to your job interview. This ticket is in form of a piece of paper summarizing what you have done with your life so far. The priority will be higher or lower depend on the importance of information provide on the ticket, how well organized and relevant they are, and how nice the ticket look. So basically, from all that I have learn from class, internet and personal experience, a resume should be well organized, nicely formatted, with information provided in chronological order of date time and importance/relevance of information. As for the content on the resume, it’s pretty much depending on what have you done with your life so far. Logically, the more you have done with your life will and the more you’ll have to put on your resume. So it’s plus point. However for fresh graduates, there won’t be so many things other than their qualifications and co-curricular activities. For Cambodian graduates, the phrase “co-curricular activities” is generally very alien to them as well. So yes, their CV is pretty much down to education qualification.

So what’s my problem with their CV? Hmm… I can’t really generalize them. Below are some of issue I have encountered.

  • Poor information organization. Generally those information on those type of CVs are difficult to quickly refer to and information are all over the place and not in order or date or time or importance. To me, what this says about candidate is that he/she paid no attention to the viewing audience. For someone with little or not experience in job hunting, to do enough research and produce a well-organized resume is quite tedious and difficult job. So for a fresh grad, a well-organized resume says a lot about how much work the candidate put into it and inherently shows how much he/she care about getting that job interview opportunity.
  • Information overflow. In this type of CV, the candidate seems to try too hard to put a lot of things on his/her resume until it becomes so cluttered, irrelevant and down-right unbelievable. And when the word “irrelevant” and “unbelievable” is associated with your resume, it’s definitely not a good sign. For example, I have encountered quite a number of resume for software engineer where the candidate lists down every programming language and programming  software under the sun under their programming skill. Even for myself with quite a number of experience as software engineer, I never even dare list more than 5 programming languages as an expertise. And if I’m experience in Microsoft SQL, I would not dare to say that I’m also an expert in Oracle. Yes, you want to fill your resume but when you get too desperate doing it, it will backfire during interview because I always do that to my interviewee. I always ask them something like “I see that you are good in so many programming languages and software, according to your resume you are actually a lot better than me. You can build all kinds of application using all kind of technology. Why are you applying for such a junior level position?” Some other candidate likes to list all their part-time jobs experience in. How is a part-time admin staff experience relevant to credit analyst position? Providing accurate and relevant information to the position one is applying for is crucial because chance the person that review your resume will not have time to read it in detail and do an abstract summary of all the relevant information. That’s the candidate’s job.
  • Poor formatting. This refers to the look and feel of the resume. It’s never a requirement for candidate to design their resume. But let just think about it logically, if there is a stack of papers with boring black and white chunk of text full of information and there is a piece of nicely designed paper in there, wouldn’t you notice it and want to take a look at it? So basically, my personal opinion is that good resume formatting and layout design is basically an extra optional step you can take to make your resume stands out. It’s an image thing. And so far, all the resumes I have reviewed, including my brother and sister’s, completely failed in this regard. But what bothers me most is the fact that most of them couldn’t even format the date right nor could they properly list experience base on chronological order.
  • Poor Language. You actually don’t need a very powerful English for writing resume but you do need sufficient professional terminology to craft your job description and description of co-curricular activity. Most them basically describe their job responsibility as “I did this….”, “Help with that…”, “Do that…”. These are very weak term to describe your role and responsibility. A more descriptive and professional term like “involved in…”, “Assist/perform…”, “Conduct..”, “Managed..”

It’s a depressing thought to think that students go through their whole life of education just to have opportunity shut out from them because they are unable to produce a quality resume. I’m so surprise that university here doesn’t include job hunting and resume writing as part of their curriculum. It’s such a crucial lesson.


Job | Career | Happiness | Life

Wow! it’s really been a very long time since I last blogged. From my last post, it has been half a year since. It has been a very eventful and hectic half a year. It’s not that I don’t have any thought to reflect on. In fact, I do and so many of them. It’s just that I couldn’t find the time nor the energy to sit down gather my thought and put them down in writing.

Let’s pick up from the last time I was here which was this year’s New Year. And now it’s almost 9 month in. I’m finally settling in with job in at home. I’m good with my motorbike and getting used to the senseless and dangerous traffic here. What else? The people, the surrounding, the society in general. And by getting used to I mean not feeling frustrated or annoyed by them anymore. However there are still things that still really bother me and I’m unable to adapt. The major ones that I’m facing currently are company culture, common sense and intelligence level.

So let’s start with company culture. On my first day at the new company, the director asked if I drink, to which I answered “a little bit”. Then he went on to tell how easy it would be to quickly make friend in the company if I drink because everyone there drink a lot. I remember thinking to myself as he was telling me that. “Oh damn! this gonna suck.” Then it happened. The Saturday of the my first week─yes, we work half day on Saturday─just 1 hour before knock-off and I about to go home enjoy my weekend, the boss came to declare we would be going for company lunch party. Then I was thinking “what the f is a lunch party? I never had that in Singapore. Well, at least not without any special occasion.” But regardless of how impromptu the announcement was, I couldn’t possibly reject since I was new there and need a chance to socialize with colleagues. It started out as a company lunch with food and beers. Lots of beers. I drank some. The lunch went on till about 4 p.m. which I thought was quite long. Then when I finally thought it ended, they were going for second round. I was like “What? Seriously?”. And I’d never guess venue of the 2nd round. I was somehow brought to a KTV. For those who are used to a normal friends and family style KTV, would wonder what’s wrong with KTV? But KTV over here isn’t like those, it’s place where heavy drinkers go and order girls to accompany you drinking. So yeah basically, I ended up at KTV for another 3-4 hrs before getting to home because my wife called. There was no surprise to what followed. My wife got so mad at me that she refused to talk to me for a week. That was a very shitty week and for what? for nothing. There and then my negative impression of the company culture started.

It doesn’t stop there. The company continued have party here and there every now and then. It’s not that I don’t like party or anything. Well actually I don’t like party since I’m an introvert. But occasionally when company have special event I would always love to join. But this is different. This is like for no reason, or for any reason. And what do people do at party? Drink till drunk and passed out. The next day, barely make it to work without feeling sick or heavy hangover. So far do I sound judgmental to drinker? I’m not sure if I am but personally, I feel that I don’t. I’m just a practical and logical person and I view alcoholism as neither piratical nor logical. It’s expensive. It’s unhealthy. And it gives you heavy headache and temporary amnesia the following day. To spend a night drinking an expensive unhealthy drink that gives you headache, vomit and short term amnesia and other various long term organ failure is a completely illogical action and total waste of time. I honestly don’t think I judge people who drink or smoke because I do have alcoholic and smoker friends back there as well. The main difference is they don’t force or peer pressure me follow their lifestyle choices. So that’s what I hate about it here. It is the fact that you get pressured to be involved. I remembered a snide comment from one my senior-level colleague during my boss’ house warming party. He was telling a junior colleagues “Don’t follow this senior’s example. That’s not the way real man behave. When you raise your glass you bottom-up, you don’t just sip and put it back down.” Should I be pissed off and grab every drink and bottom-up everything? Well, all I felt was that he was right. If that is truly how real man behaves, then yes I’m not a real man nor do I want to be one. To conclude this, I simply believe that everyone is entitled to a lifestyle choice that make him/her happy. Others should respect that choice and not discriminate it and force their own onto that person. Then we shall connect and bond base on whatever other hobby/interest that we share in common. So generally, I try my very best to constantly keep my everyday schedule fully occupied to avoid it.

Next up. Common sense. Over here it is uncommon. Let’s take work place for instance. Let me just throw random comments I have heard or overheard my colleagues said or ask.

  • “Annual Leave is given for you to take during emergency or for other personal obligation such as attending wedding, and other events. You are not supposed to take annual leave when you don’t have any personal obligation.” — I was like… “What? Seriously? that’s how Annual Leave supposed to work?”
  • “I’m sick. What do I do?”
    hmmm… Apply sick leave and submit your MC when you return…
    “What’s that? How to get it?”
    err… form Doctor/Pharmicist?
    “Which doctor can I get this MC from?”

So generally, there is a difficulty in effectively communicating with people when what you consider a common sense but others don’t. And when so many senses are not common, you’ve got to just wonder… do people here even know what is “common sense”? Well, actually I’m wrong to say “people”, it’s too generalized. Basically, they are either the way older generation, teenager or young adult generation. And it’s not only work-related common sense, but also everyday life ones. I feel that this is down to the quality of education that people here receive. So it’s hard to put blame just on individual. But I’m just merely pointing out the fact that this is the case, it makes it difficult to communicate or converse with people effectively without constantly having to explain things.

Finally, intelligence. Again I think this has to do with education. both from school and from family. I feel so remorseful to witness in person the quality of human resource in this country. Perhaps, the perfect illustration of how worryingly small the talent pool available to serve this country’s economy is the fact that I was headhunted 6 times in a period of my 8 month career here. All of which were for senior or managerial positions. I worked in Singapore for 3 and a half, and not a single headhunt. Not only that but also the fact that I was already being treated like an irreplaceable resource when I haven’t even completed my probation. Don’t get me wrong? I’m definitely not complaining. In fact, I feel very privileged and respected. I feel so much more valued over here then back there, and that helps catalyst my motivation and enthusiasm to perform as well. However, the problem comes when I need to work or socialize with people. From people that I have encountered or worked it, I find that they generally are very superficial and myopic. They blatantly get into an as-a-matter-of-fact debate about a topic that they clearly do not have any knowledge about. To make it worse, the clear answer is usually just 1 google away. Personally, I find that really annoying and degrading. So I generally stfu. They are also not really widely read. So they tend to base their argument off their personal experience, or that 1 guy they know, or that 1 source that mention it (usually Facebook) which they hardly exercise the mental capacity to question its authenticity and credibility beforehand. Maybe it’s just because I was educated and trained that way. Critical thinking and meritocracy was drilled down to us hard. Either way, this lack of intelligence is something that I’m still unable to adapt nor accept. And don’t get me started on sense of humor.

So yeah there they are the elaborated explanation of the 3 major issues that I’m still facing over here and unable to adapt and probably will never be able to adapt. Most probably I would just learn to live with it just like most of the major problems I faced in Singapore. To end this rant on a positive note, despite all these issues and other negativity around the country, I still find myself loving it here. I think the most important factor to that has to be family-the group of people who truly love me for who I am and are absolutely honest and non-judgmental. To live close and connected to family, no matter what obstacle and problems, we always stick and work things out together as one. It feels so much better than doing it alone. I don’t know about other people but for me, my wife and my mom have been a tremendous inspiration and motivation to my hard-work and positiveness toward life.

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Happy New Year folks!

2014 has been a bumpy year for me personally and probably generally a very bad year for many people globally.

Let’s take a look at global level. If we play a word association game, the word I instinctively associate with 2014 would be plane, disaster, tragedy. It’s been a very bad year for Malaysia Airline, Malaysia, AirAsia and an even more horrible year for the families of all the victims involved in all the major accidents happened throughout this year.  This event map pretty much clearly describe 2014. It has not been a good year. I hope that things will be better 2015.

Personally, I have my ups and downs, mostly emotionally. I went through quite a number of major changes. From working in fast pace office to working at home, from work overseas to working locally, from taking public transport to learning to ride my own motorbike. The things they say about leaving your comfort zone is not wrong. It’s a major struggle especially emotionally. I’m so used to be independent and to be in control. The changes made me lost that control and independence. I lost confidence. I lack courage. At times, I felt lost. Part of me wanting to go back to old life to my comfort zone, part of me tells me to stay build comfort zone here, part of me asking me to leave a look for else where. Now that I’m about to officially start a new life in a new year and looking back to the things I’ve been through in 2014, I felt glad that I decided to go through with it. I left my stress, pressure, and monotonous life behind and came to explore new possibility at home.

Throughout the journey, I have learnt a lot. Obviously, I’m not making as much money as I used to. Very little in comparison in fact. However, in return, I felt more alive, more at home, peace at heart. I felt more in touch and bonded with people. I guess this is probably what people meant when they choose soul over salary. I’d be a hypocrite if I say I’m contented with my little pay and lower status. It’s just that over time, I have explored that it is not some thing that I value family, heart, and happiness more highly over salary and overseas status. And money and status is some thing that I believe I can work on and earn over time regardless where I am. So I have come to accept my choice, to live with it and move forward regardless of the consequences, I will make the best of it. I do fear of judgmental opinion from peers and friends. But I have also come to strongly believe that those who judge aren’t my real friend, and my real friends do not judge. All in all, things that matter most to me is support and understanding from my family. On top of that, another thing that really open my eyes is the fact that I see many foreigners flooding Cambodia to invest and run business, while the locals are flooding out trying to find work overseas for companies. Only a handful of locals with enough vision and capital able to see the abundance of opportunity at home. Then I asked myself, why do I want to get out when everybody is coming in? Well, I think the obvious answer to most people would give is safety, security and possible higher monetary gain. People always tend to look for safe and secure environment to settle. It’s an animal instinct nature to look for more safe and secure environment to reproduce.

Regardless of their choice, I’m glad for friends who are happy with their choice to settle where they are. I can only feel sorry for friends who chose anything other being where they are happiest and live in the illusion that they are happy because they have more money. Either way, there is no real indicator of happiness. Only you yourself can tell. You can lie to everybody but not yourself. I can say I’m happy to everybody and they may or may not believe it but in my heart I always know the truth. So the good news is if you are not happy you can lie about it to everybody and people will think you are happy. It’s very long and unpredictable journey which you cannot see clearly. I’ve seen people with a good head start tumble and fall behind. I have also seen people with little or no future prospect end up doing so well in life so far. One thing that I believe for sure is that good things will come to people who constantly make decision, make changes, take action to move forward and looking for new opportunity and work hard for it. Blessing is given to people who keep trying and standing back up every time they fall.

I’m looking forward to another challenging year ahead and hoping for the best while preparing to work my hardest. And wishing all my friends and love ones another safe and healthy year.


Opening New Chapter

It’s been a long time since I last blog. Many things have been happening so quickly that I initially found myself having no time to do and eventually just stop it and couldn’t bring myself to start again. Instead spent my free time on other activities. Anyway, 2014 has been a very turbulent year so far. Ups and downs happening so quickly. Becoming a husband, work becoming unbearable, overseas life turning very stressful, moving back home, settling in new environment. I don’t know if I have been handling it well enough or not. Either way, here I am. Back home for good. 2015 is yet another opening of a new chapter. A chapter, where I switch job and working environment. Despite the joy and relief of leaving my current job, I’m looking at a very uncertain career path ahead. Where will I be working? Will I be able to work in a new environment? Will it be better than the old one? How much will I be making? One thing for sure is that I would be making less than what I used to. All in all, I feel it would be another challenging chapter ahead in 2015 at least for the start.

New year is around the corner. What? it’s 2 month away. Well 2 months is a short time. I plan to spend this break to refresh myself mentally and physically, and prepare myself for the challenge ahead. Read books, catch up on news, go to gym, get in shape, and socialize . Basically to spend my time productively. Meanwhile also weighing my options. But obviously things will not go as planned without determination and discipline. I still have a lot distractions. Video games, TV shows, movies, YouTube.. basically entertainment that keeps you procrastinating and being lazy. So well, need to push hard for it.

Honestly, at this point, I’m still not sure what exactly I want to do. I know what I don’t want to do. Like most people I guess. Actually, I have an idea of what I think would be great however it seems not too realistic at least not in a short time. I always picture myself running business with my family members or close trusted friends. They handle sales and I take care of operations. You might think why not? go ahead do it. Or you might not possible not that easy unless you already have a lot of money. To me, those are not the issues. The main thing is I don’t see myself as the business initiator a person to go out there make vision, enforce your vision on people and build partnership. If a business were to happen it, I would be the guy recruited by my friend. I would be willing to try and be very committed to it but it’s just that I don’t see myself the one starting it. In fact I don’t even know what to start. I’m practically a cynic when it comes to business venture. I can see a millions ways that I can go wrong but all the ways that it will go right is pretty much rely on luck some time. Because of that I always dismiss pretty much any idea I had. I just don’t know how to get people together. “Hey, let’s run a business. It’s gonna be awesome.” “Okay let’s do it.” If only it were that simple.

No matter what I will do my best and hope for the best. As I always believe that as long as you work hard, you’ll survive happily. Whether the riches would come or not it’s depend some time on luck to present opportunity and our ability to seize the opportunity which some time not so easy as it sounds. We can’t always stay in comfort zone, can we? Now it’s time for me to step out of mine.

Opening New Chapter



After staying so long in in this country, I’ve got to admit that I’ve never actually eaten in any restaurant in Sentosa. I came as student and Sentosa is a tourist place. Everything there is overpriced. Well, at least mostly. This is, as far as I can remember, is probably the first time I eat at one. And it’s paid to for. 😛 It was company retreat lunch. An all-you-can-eat pizza, pasta and salad lunch. Isn’t it awesome? It’s the first time that I had so much and so many different type of pizza, pasta and salad at once.

The buffet started with bread with tomato topping appetizer. The followed by salad. We were served Caesar and French Nicoise Salad. After that was Pizza time! Pizza Margherita, Pizza Quattro Formaggio, and Seafood Pizza (not sure what it’s called) were served to us one after another. Just when we were done with Pizza, the pasta came. I had their Trapizza Linguine (seafood pasta) and Spaghetti Carbonara.

I think their Pizza is quite good though not as good as the ones I tried at Pepperoni Pizzeria. But their pasta cannot make it for me. For salad, I liked their French Nicoise salad but not the Caesar salad. Oh and their ice lemon tea is awesome! One of the best I’ve tried. So I guess overall, it’s quite a good place to go and I think their price is not too expensive as well.

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Christmas 2012


Wishing everybody around the world a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!

2012 has been yet another very eventful year. A lot of things to moan and be thankful for. So let’s go down the list of the events I can recall throughout 2012.

Things I’m thankful for

Obama re-elected – Well, I’m happy that he was reelected and I think a lot of people are.

Robot on Mars – Mankind successfully place a robot on Mar and advance the progress on our space exploration.

Messi break another scoring record – as of last Saturday, Messi has made it to 91 goals scored in 2012, 6 more than the previous record held by Gerd Muller. I’m so happy that he’s doing so great.

3 Epic movies – Avengers, Dark Knight Rise and The Hobbit. Probably 3 of the movies that make u feel great living in this world.

Gangnam Style become Billion Style – well it hits 1 billion views on youtube on 21/12/2012 making it the first youtube video ever to reach 1 billion view.

Survived End of The World – Not that I believe that it’s gonna happen but well, we survived and cheers to that.

I’m also thankful for all the positive things that has been happening to me in 2012.

Things I’m sad for

The Mass Shooting in US – There are 2 majors mass shooting this year in US and God knows how many minor ones. The latter involves the death of 20 innocent children. It doesn’t affect me on any personal level nor did I know any of the victim personally. But what strikes me when I heard the news is no one should ever have to feel the feeling of having to bear the news their children die. You don’t have to feel it to know how extremely painful it is. You can never forget such thing as long as you live. As much as I’m sad for those who’ve passed away, I’m even sadder for those who have to lived through the pain and memory till death.

Conflicts around the world – Political games make many innocent lives suffer.

Christmas 2012

Chomp Chomp Food Center

After so much discussion, last finally, my friends and I got to go to the Singapore most favorite Hawker Center. What do I think about it? Well I don’t really keep track in my memory of all the food center that I have been, neither the food quality there. But personally, I think it’s over-rated. Yes true the BBQ sting ray, the white fried carrot cake, the BBQ chicken wings and the gigantic sugar cane are awesome but the rest aren’t. I’ve tried looking around the net for the famous food and stalls I should order from when I’m at Chomp Chomp and all the sources that I come across also only main recommend the BBQ String Ray and Fried Carrot cake. So if you were to call this most favorite food center because of a few dishes, I’d say a lot of food center can be considered most favorite food center.

Besides the four dishes mentioned, we also ordered Satay and it sucked. We order from 2 different stall 30 each. Both, in my opinion, cannot make it even for Singapore standard. Then we also order this fried dry squid (I guess, from I called it from what it is since my friend was the one who ordered it), black pepper beef, cereal prawn, and fried sambal kang kung. The fried dry squid was bad. It was sugar sweet. Then the black pepper beef was extremely sour. -__- The cereal prawn was okay not bad also not special. The positive point is the prawn was big and meaty. The fried sambal kang kung was the most horrible of all. Instead of tasting sambal and kang kung, I mostly tasted oil.

In conclusion, I like it despite some bad experience with a few dishes, we did had a good time with the others. However, I still think it’s over-rated.

Chomp Chomp Food Center

Demise of The King

On 15th Oct 2012. A very tragic news hits Cambodia and its people hard. Former King Norodom Sihanouk passed away. It came as a shock to everyone. Not that because we didn’t expect it. It’s just that we weren’t ready to hear it. The has lost yet another great man. Medias spraying the news all over the world, social network exploded with statuses, shares, and comments on their sadness over death. It doesn’t take a genius to tell that his nation and people love and respected him and that he’s a great man.

Honestly, I’m no patriot nor did I have any great attachment for my country. As far I as I remember, I’ve been more or less educated and grown up overseas, and didn’t see many positive things about my country. But from the fact that there so much love and respect for him says a lot about a man. Patriot or not, I respect and salute a great man and mourn his death. My condolences and wish he rests in peace.

Demise of The King