This Week Random Stuff

  • Min Sing Steamboat @ Clementi Ave 2  ()
    This place is not bad. Had a nice steamboat dinner under the heavy rain with my friends under the heavy rain. It’s one of the few steamboat occasion where I didn’t feel bloated after the meal. I felt satisfied. It’s an order base buffet and not take-all-you-want kind. Though the portion of each order were small, but the meat and vegetable quality were relatively higher.
  • WYSIWYG WebBuilder ()
    A really awesome and easy-use-tool to build webpage. Came across this tool while I was helping my gf with her assignment.
  • and AllYouLike.Com ()
    If you bought an extabit premium account like me and have difficulty finding the dl links. These 2 of the best sites to get extabit links.
  • Torchlight II ()
    Probably not the best in its genre but I kinda like it. It offers some different and has a unique design to it too. It’s like a good breather from all the major hit like Diablo and Titan Quest. I like their concept too.
This Week Random Stuff