How to Love Genuinely

I recently come across this video about Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo speaking about genuine love and I feel deeply touched and inspired by it. It’s not the first time that I dwell in this topic. I have been reading and reflecting on myself to try to understand how do I feel love? give love? and receive love? And when I first encountered the concept of genuine love, I was truly moved and inspired to be able to love like that. Since then, I’ve been learning and training myself to be able to love people genuinely and also to inspire my love ones be able to do the same thus hopefully we able to collectively create an environment where everybody is genuinely be happy and having peace in the mind.


The problem is always that we mistake the idea of love for attachment. We imagine that the grasping and clinging that we have in our relationships shows that we love. Whereas actually, it is just attachment which causes pain because the more we grasp, the more we are afraid to lose then if we do lose, then of course, we are going to suffer. Attachment says “I love you therefore I want you to make me happy.” and Gunuine love says “I love you therefore I want you to be happy. If that includes me, great! If it doesn’t include me, I just want your happiness.” So it’s a very different feeling. Attachment is like holding very tight. But genuine love is like holding very gently nuturing, but allowing things to flow not to be held tightly. The more tightly we hold on to others, the more we will suffer. But it’s very hard for people to understand that because they think that the more we hold on to someone the more it shows that they care about them. But it’s not, it’s really just that they’re trying to grasp at something because they are afraid that otherwise they themselves will be hurt. Any kind of relationships which imagines that we can fulfill ourselves through another is bound to be very tricky. Ideally people should come together already feeling fulfill within themselves and just therefore appreciating that in the other rather than expecting the other to supply that sense of well-being which they don’t feel on their own. Then there’s a lot of problems. And also along with the projection which comes with romance where we project all our ideas, ideals and desires, and romantic fantasies on to the other which the other cannot possibly fulfill. Once you get to know them you realize that it’s not prince charming or Cinderella. It’s just a very ordinary person who’s also struggling. And unless one is able to see them with, to like them as well as feel desire for them and to also have loving kindness and compassion then it’s going to be a very difficult relationship.

How to Love Genuinely

Gullible, Insensible, Irrational World

These few days (Local Spelling: បុណ្យភ្ជុំបិណ្ឌ) is Pchum Ben festival in the country, an occasion where people mostly return to their hometown to meet family and preparing offering to bring to pagoda to pray and pay tribute to their ancestors. Since, I’m pretty much a city boy I don’t really have a hometown to go so generally I come along with my wife to her hometown. It’s probably one of the few occasions that we get to visit.

For my wife, this is a rejuvenating break where she is geographically away from work and get to spoil herself with food and sleep. Her simple version of escape is to get away from complex and hectic city life back to her root where things are simplified and people are simplified. Every time she comes back her mood turns cheerful, her skin turns fresh and her mind is at rest (well at least not until people start criticizing her weight, her life etc.).

For me, that was probably the only good thing of coming here. It makes her happy. The time here for me are mostly reflection time because every time I’m here a lot of thoughts never fail to cross my mind from things I hear and people I observe. It never fails to provoke me into switching on my laptop to write. Even after I’ve just recovered from heavy flu and about to pack up and go back I do not want to leave the thought hanging without penning it down.

Frankly, I don’t even know where to start or how to best describe without showing vindictive intent. 🙂 Well not exactly, but some time it really upsets me to be just a powerless bystander. There is a saying that you can’t teach an old dog a new trick. But this is more like a next level old poorly educated deep culturally rooted stubborn dog so much so that if they were reading this text they would probably stop right here and make an angry takeaway that I’m comparing them to a dog. Even when all I did was just adding more descriptive adjective to the metaphor in the idiom. Even as we were having dinner yesterday, I was telling my wife when I come here it always remind me to question myself again why did I return to this country after working so hard to leave this place and continued to stay out of it.

When we come to the province, it’s always the same routine where we go around meeting all the relatives, showing our courtesy, and endure through the repetitive generic conversations and questions. Why are you so fat? Why don’t you lose some weight? How much are you making now? The son/daughter/nephew/niece of this uncle/that auntie is making $XXX? Why you still cannot afford a car? When are you going to have kid? Why you keep so long? it’s not good. My first few encounters were excruciating. Then eventually I just learn to listen from left ear and let it out through right ear filtering for content that is worth listening to. I’m probably not the best person to rant about family value and making human connection. But I’m pretty sure that family are not supposed to be agent that apply social pressure and status quo on each other. Or probably I wasn’t brought up that way.

I understand that people here love making connection and keeping in touch. Personal relationship and friendship rules over everything. I have also observed that underneath all that is a thick layer of gossip, status quo comparison, hypocrisy and lies. This is the culture and way of life here. I can tell it’s not something that can simply change by logical reasoning. What I know is that it’s definitely something that I do not want to be a part of. However, it’s also not something I can easily distant myself from. Sometime, I don’t even know if I’m angry, frustrated, upset, sad or miserable. Probably all once. All I know is that I’ve been overseas for a very long time, I’ve trained myself both personally and academically. I have seen progressive society. Then when I have to come back to a society where majority of people still so gullible, insensible, irrational and corrupted. I just felt hopelessness. People go around throw big words about patriotism, national progress, blah blah. But in actuality, everybody is like a starving dog who would selfishly do anything to survive and keep its family alive.

I’m not a country changer, big talker and any political leader material. I know that for a fact. I’m an engineer in profession and an artist, designer, casual photographer and gamer, anime lover, movie enthusiast, book lover, board game hoarder in hobby. I’m passionate about what I do, what I love, and the people I love. I know my place and my role in society. And I believe that’s how society progresses. Everybody knows their place and play their role passionately, professionally with honesty and integrity. That’s exactly how it is when I was back in Singapore. And everything makes perfect sense. Everybody lives in harmony. But here? People want high position, bigger title, more pay, less work. And I’m not going to start talking engineer (for my area which is software) quality. It really doesn’t make sense to me at all. The logical thing is that if you’re not good enough, you be looking for opportunity to learn and grow to fulfill your role. And if I meet someone who’s smarter and full of knowledge, I would be delighted because there would be so much things I can learn from him/her. But here from my experience in working environment so far, it’s a complete opposite.

With all that said, I have also met and known truly great people. I really admire what they are doing to try to change whatever I’m complaining about in the generation to come. I really sincerely pray for blessing to their endeavor from my heart because what they do is selfless and will pave way for many people children including mine. I’m also grateful that I have known and befriend them because only the thought and connection with these group of people that keep my candle of hope for this country up and keep me grounded in this God forsaken country. And of course my most beloved family and wife.

Gullible, Insensible, Irrational World


Resume─your self-made ticket to job interview. Recently, my youngest sibling and my younger sister-in-law just graduated and moving to their next chapter of life which is the working life. This is what started me pondering on this. Since I started work over here, I’ve been given the liberty to interview people. So far I’ve looked at roughly 10+ CVs and interviewed most of them. Then I get to look at my own brother and sister’s resume. They all have 1 thing in common and that is the resume was very badly done.

Let’s look at what is resume? To me, resume is like a ticket to your job interview. This ticket is in form of a piece of paper summarizing what you have done with your life so far. The priority will be higher or lower depend on the importance of information provide on the ticket, how well organized and relevant they are, and how nice the ticket look. So basically, from all that I have learn from class, internet and personal experience, a resume should be well organized, nicely formatted, with information provided in chronological order of date time and importance/relevance of information. As for the content on the resume, it’s pretty much depending on what have you done with your life so far. Logically, the more you have done with your life will and the more you’ll have to put on your resume. So it’s plus point. However for fresh graduates, there won’t be so many things other than their qualifications and co-curricular activities. For Cambodian graduates, the phrase “co-curricular activities” is generally very alien to them as well. So yes, their CV is pretty much down to education qualification.

So what’s my problem with their CV? Hmm… I can’t really generalize them. Below are some of issue I have encountered.

  • Poor information organization. Generally those information on those type of CVs are difficult to quickly refer to and information are all over the place and not in order or date or time or importance. To me, what this says about candidate is that he/she paid no attention to the viewing audience. For someone with little or not experience in job hunting, to do enough research and produce a well-organized resume is quite tedious and difficult job. So for a fresh grad, a well-organized resume says a lot about how much work the candidate put into it and inherently shows how much he/she care about getting that job interview opportunity.
  • Information overflow. In this type of CV, the candidate seems to try too hard to put a lot of things on his/her resume until it becomes so cluttered, irrelevant and down-right unbelievable. And when the word “irrelevant” and “unbelievable” is associated with your resume, it’s definitely not a good sign. For example, I have encountered quite a number of resume for software engineer where the candidate lists down every programming language and programming  software under the sun under their programming skill. Even for myself with quite a number of experience as software engineer, I never even dare list more than 5 programming languages as an expertise. And if I’m experience in Microsoft SQL, I would not dare to say that I’m also an expert in Oracle. Yes, you want to fill your resume but when you get too desperate doing it, it will backfire during interview because I always do that to my interviewee. I always ask them something like “I see that you are good in so many programming languages and software, according to your resume you are actually a lot better than me. You can build all kinds of application using all kind of technology. Why are you applying for such a junior level position?” Some other candidate likes to list all their part-time jobs experience in. How is a part-time admin staff experience relevant to credit analyst position? Providing accurate and relevant information to the position one is applying for is crucial because chance the person that review your resume will not have time to read it in detail and do an abstract summary of all the relevant information. That’s the candidate’s job.
  • Poor formatting. This refers to the look and feel of the resume. It’s never a requirement for candidate to design their resume. But let just think about it logically, if there is a stack of papers with boring black and white chunk of text full of information and there is a piece of nicely designed paper in there, wouldn’t you notice it and want to take a look at it? So basically, my personal opinion is that good resume formatting and layout design is basically an extra optional step you can take to make your resume stands out. It’s an image thing. And so far, all the resumes I have reviewed, including my brother and sister’s, completely failed in this regard. But what bothers me most is the fact that most of them couldn’t even format the date right nor could they properly list experience base on chronological order.
  • Poor Language. You actually don’t need a very powerful English for writing resume but you do need sufficient professional terminology to craft your job description and description of co-curricular activity. Most them basically describe their job responsibility as “I did this….”, “Help with that…”, “Do that…”. These are very weak term to describe your role and responsibility. A more descriptive and professional term like “involved in…”, “Assist/perform…”, “Conduct..”, “Managed..”

It’s a depressing thought to think that students go through their whole life of education just to have opportunity shut out from them because they are unable to produce a quality resume. I’m so surprise that university here doesn’t include job hunting and resume writing as part of their curriculum. It’s such a crucial lesson.


Job | Career | Happiness | Life

Wow! it’s really been a very long time since I last blogged. From my last post, it has been half a year since. It has been a very eventful and hectic half a year. It’s not that I don’t have any thought to reflect on. In fact, I do and so many of them. It’s just that I couldn’t find the time nor the energy to sit down gather my thought and put them down in writing.

Let’s pick up from the last time I was here which was this year’s New Year. And now it’s almost 9 month in. I’m finally settling in with job in at home. I’m good with my motorbike and getting used to the senseless and dangerous traffic here. What else? The people, the surrounding, the society in general. And by getting used to I mean not feeling frustrated or annoyed by them anymore. However there are still things that still really bother me and I’m unable to adapt. The major ones that I’m facing currently are company culture, common sense and intelligence level.

So let’s start with company culture. On my first day at the new company, the director asked if I drink, to which I answered “a little bit”. Then he went on to tell how easy it would be to quickly make friend in the company if I drink because everyone there drink a lot. I remember thinking to myself as he was telling me that. “Oh damn! this gonna suck.” Then it happened. The Saturday of the my first week─yes, we work half day on Saturday─just 1 hour before knock-off and I about to go home enjoy my weekend, the boss came to declare we would be going for company lunch party. Then I was thinking “what the f is a lunch party? I never had that in Singapore. Well, at least not without any special occasion.” But regardless of how impromptu the announcement was, I couldn’t possibly reject since I was new there and need a chance to socialize with colleagues. It started out as a company lunch with food and beers. Lots of beers. I drank some. The lunch went on till about 4 p.m. which I thought was quite long. Then when I finally thought it ended, they were going for second round. I was like “What? Seriously?”. And I’d never guess venue of the 2nd round. I was somehow brought to a KTV. For those who are used to a normal friends and family style KTV, would wonder what’s wrong with KTV? But KTV over here isn’t like those, it’s place where heavy drinkers go and order girls to accompany you drinking. So yeah basically, I ended up at KTV for another 3-4 hrs before getting to home because my wife called. There was no surprise to what followed. My wife got so mad at me that she refused to talk to me for a week. That was a very shitty week and for what? for nothing. There and then my negative impression of the company culture started.

It doesn’t stop there. The company continued have party here and there every now and then. It’s not that I don’t like party or anything. Well actually I don’t like party since I’m an introvert. But occasionally when company have special event I would always love to join. But this is different. This is like for no reason, or for any reason. And what do people do at party? Drink till drunk and passed out. The next day, barely make it to work without feeling sick or heavy hangover. So far do I sound judgmental to drinker? I’m not sure if I am but personally, I feel that I don’t. I’m just a practical and logical person and I view alcoholism as neither piratical nor logical. It’s expensive. It’s unhealthy. And it gives you heavy headache and temporary amnesia the following day. To spend a night drinking an expensive unhealthy drink that gives you headache, vomit and short term amnesia and other various long term organ failure is a completely illogical action and total waste of time. I honestly don’t think I judge people who drink or smoke because I do have alcoholic and smoker friends back there as well. The main difference is they don’t force or peer pressure me follow their lifestyle choices. So that’s what I hate about it here. It is the fact that you get pressured to be involved. I remembered a snide comment from one my senior-level colleague during my boss’ house warming party. He was telling a junior colleagues “Don’t follow this senior’s example. That’s not the way real man behave. When you raise your glass you bottom-up, you don’t just sip and put it back down.” Should I be pissed off and grab every drink and bottom-up everything? Well, all I felt was that he was right. If that is truly how real man behaves, then yes I’m not a real man nor do I want to be one. To conclude this, I simply believe that everyone is entitled to a lifestyle choice that make him/her happy. Others should respect that choice and not discriminate it and force their own onto that person. Then we shall connect and bond base on whatever other hobby/interest that we share in common. So generally, I try my very best to constantly keep my everyday schedule fully occupied to avoid it.

Next up. Common sense. Over here it is uncommon. Let’s take work place for instance. Let me just throw random comments I have heard or overheard my colleagues said or ask.

  • “Annual Leave is given for you to take during emergency or for other personal obligation such as attending wedding, and other events. You are not supposed to take annual leave when you don’t have any personal obligation.” — I was like… “What? Seriously? that’s how Annual Leave supposed to work?”
  • “I’m sick. What do I do?”
    hmmm… Apply sick leave and submit your MC when you return…
    “What’s that? How to get it?”
    err… form Doctor/Pharmicist?
    “Which doctor can I get this MC from?”

So generally, there is a difficulty in effectively communicating with people when what you consider a common sense but others don’t. And when so many senses are not common, you’ve got to just wonder… do people here even know what is “common sense”? Well, actually I’m wrong to say “people”, it’s too generalized. Basically, they are either the way older generation, teenager or young adult generation. And it’s not only work-related common sense, but also everyday life ones. I feel that this is down to the quality of education that people here receive. So it’s hard to put blame just on individual. But I’m just merely pointing out the fact that this is the case, it makes it difficult to communicate or converse with people effectively without constantly having to explain things.

Finally, intelligence. Again I think this has to do with education. both from school and from family. I feel so remorseful to witness in person the quality of human resource in this country. Perhaps, the perfect illustration of how worryingly small the talent pool available to serve this country’s economy is the fact that I was headhunted 6 times in a period of my 8 month career here. All of which were for senior or managerial positions. I worked in Singapore for 3 and a half, and not a single headhunt. Not only that but also the fact that I was already being treated like an irreplaceable resource when I haven’t even completed my probation. Don’t get me wrong? I’m definitely not complaining. In fact, I feel very privileged and respected. I feel so much more valued over here then back there, and that helps catalyst my motivation and enthusiasm to perform as well. However, the problem comes when I need to work or socialize with people. From people that I have encountered or worked it, I find that they generally are very superficial and myopic. They blatantly get into an as-a-matter-of-fact debate about a topic that they clearly do not have any knowledge about. To make it worse, the clear answer is usually just 1 google away. Personally, I find that really annoying and degrading. So I generally stfu. They are also not really widely read. So they tend to base their argument off their personal experience, or that 1 guy they know, or that 1 source that mention it (usually Facebook) which they hardly exercise the mental capacity to question its authenticity and credibility beforehand. Maybe it’s just because I was educated and trained that way. Critical thinking and meritocracy was drilled down to us hard. Either way, this lack of intelligence is something that I’m still unable to adapt nor accept. And don’t get me started on sense of humor.

So yeah there they are the elaborated explanation of the 3 major issues that I’m still facing over here and unable to adapt and probably will never be able to adapt. Most probably I would just learn to live with it just like most of the major problems I faced in Singapore. To end this rant on a positive note, despite all these issues and other negativity around the country, I still find myself loving it here. I think the most important factor to that has to be family-the group of people who truly love me for who I am and are absolutely honest and non-judgmental. To live close and connected to family, no matter what obstacle and problems, we always stick and work things out together as one. It feels so much better than doing it alone. I don’t know about other people but for me, my wife and my mom have been a tremendous inspiration and motivation to my hard-work and positiveness toward life.

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Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of reviews and critics lately. Some regarding hobbies and some products related. Then suddenly I’ve come to realize certain thing. I find that I tend to like harsh critics. Some of the reviewers / critics tend to like painting a rosy picture of everything and overly emphasizing on what they love about this products and in the process making me feeling positive about it but only to realize later that whatever that plus points of that product are, I don’t really need / use them at all. So in the sense, I get the sense of being ill informed and wrongly marketed. However, that is not to say that they’re wrongly or whatsoever. It’s just their style or the way they like to review it. It’s just that to me it’s not useful. So when you’ve actually been through enough reviews, you’d be able to tell more or less where the review is going and can more or less skip it and read another.

With that said, not all harsh critics are good as well. Some critics are overly harsh and bias to the point that it becomes quite obvious that they love / hate certain brand name. I like those critics who always start off very objective and go through the facts about he products and then proceed to offer their opinions on it. It’ll be great if they state clear that it’s just their opinion and not just go ahead and thrash talking the product. Lastly, I love it if the critic is very geeky about what their stuff and also target a larger group of audience in his review because I feel that nowadays, things are different and anybody can suddenly adopt a hobby and can afford to buy highly advance equipment. While they have the monetary capability, they lack the knowledge and experience to make well informed purchase. Unlike in the past, where most people who invest hard on certain product are usually hardcore enthusiast or professional. I feel nowadays the category of people who’re actually more in need of these great review are the amateur and newbies. All in all, to me a good review is one that should help me identify what is that I value in that product category and ultimately decide if certain features of product would suit my needs and usage or not.


The Big Dilemma: HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4

As much as I love my SIII, it’s almost time for me to recontact, which means time for me to decide on the next model to upgrade to. Before this, I’ve never actually bother to look around, the only upgrade model in my mind was Galaxy S4. I like my SIII so much that I assume S4 is pretty much a better version of SIII. Well, I don’t think I’m really wrong there. But there the different is when I was deciding on my SIII, I was using iPhone 4S and I didn’t like so I decided to switch to Android phone which during that time, among all the top Android smartphone SIII was a clear cut winner for me. Unfortunately, this time round there’re possible contenders. I’ve eliminated all options down to my top 2 favorite—HTC One and Galaxy S4.

So yes, I decided to go down the phone shop and spend an hour trying out these 2 models. I gave each of them half an hour each to give me an impression. After the trial, the impression was pretty much clear cut for me:

  • Design – Winner: HTC One
    I think it’s pretty much clear cut from the moment I laid eye on both phones. Though Samsung does improve the build quality in S4 to look less plastic than the SIII, it still somehow feels cheep. On the other hand, HTC One’s look is solid. Cool and classy aluminium body. If my criteria is just base on body design, there would be no second thought on HTC One. Also, until today I still having problem using my SIII one-handed, and the S4 undoubtedly is giving the same problem. The HTC One however feels just right for me both one-handed or two-handed.
  • Camera – Winner: Samsung Galaxy S4
    Pretty much expected from the specs and review I have read. Camera is one of my major consideration point thus fact that I find that HTC One’s camera loses out so obviously to S4 is a very big let down for me. I didn’t really do very thorough camera test like Android Central did. But just from quite a number of shots under different lighting, the diference was pretty much obvious for me. For all shots taken, I preferred the output from S4.
  • Performance – Winner: HTC One
    Although there were a lot of news about S4 having exceptional performance benchmark and stuff (I don’t know what is the performance benchmark for HTC One) but from my trial usage, I feel that HTC One feel smoother when switching between screens and running apps and stuffs. Then again it’s just a first impression feel.
  • Software Interface – Winner: Samsung Galaxy S4
    Of all the android phone I’ve tried, Samsung undoubtedly has the best out of the box interface design for me. And that’s a big deal for me because I don’t like doing a lot of UI customization on my phone as it usually eats up RAM and processing power. So I always stick with the default UI and whatever customization provided out of the box.
  • Customization – Winner: Samsung Galaxy S4
    I’m big fan of customization and control which is why I switch from iOS to Android in the first place. From just 30 mins, I’ve spotted a lot of new awesome customization feature in the S4. Well not that HTC One doesn’t have any but S4 seems to pack more customization features.
  • The Small Things?? – Winner: HTC One
    I don’t really know how to categorize it but it’s just the things that make it feels right for me. One thing is the power button placement. I prefer HTC One’s on-the-top placement then the S4’s side placement. And also the key board and auto correction on HTC One feels a lot nice and better for me. And the boom sound speakers on HTC One is awesome! it’s located at the front make the sound more direct to you thus sounds better. Then the fact that it has no physical home button make it feel neat and clean and refreshing since I’ve been only using the one with physical home button.

After all that, I’m still undecided yet find myself wishing if only both of them can merge into one model. sighzz

The Big Dilemma: HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4

Living In A Rush

Often I think I’m smarter than most. Often I think I know more than most. Truth is I’m not. Often I’d like to think I’m calm and composed. Truth is I’m not. I’m probably just being me – childishly arrogant. Secretly, I’m deeply appreciative of those who can accept and let me be myself. My good side is probably that eventually I come to realize it and make conscious effort to suppress that personality.

Anyway, this post isn’t really about my bad personality confession. It’s more about the fact that I feel that working life in Singapore has amplified that personality and turned it into a total negativity. Ever since I start working, I begin to notice that I gradually become more and more impatient with people and easily agitated with stupidity. If I had to guide someone to do something and the person doesn’t get it right away, I somehow became frustrated and annoyed somehow. Sometime silently wondering out loud in my … “How in the world you don’t get it?” Of course all these impatience and irritation are kept just in thought but many a time, I know it shows distinctively in my harsh and abrupt tone. I feel that it’s pretty unhealthy mentally. It causes me to view the person negatively thus not working so well with him. It also disturbs me in my doing my own work. Despite saying so, the sucking forces of the work and societal stress and pressure in this country seems to be pushing everyone over the edge. Thus one needs to go an extra mile and put great effort to keep calm and be forgiving.

All in all, it goes back to the post’s title. The life here is so fast pace that everyone seems to be constantly living in a rush unable to take it slow and be patient with people around us. Not only that we constantly brood over it and become frustrated when we have to work with “slow” ones. I’m no exception. But it’s just sometime when I actually have time a little time to sit down and think, this always comes up to mind. What’s the rush? why can’t we all just take it slow and enjoy life more? A food for thought.

Living In A Rush


Since the latest mass shooting occurrence at Newtown, Connecticut. I’ve been following the news related to this and the debate on gun control in U.S quite closely. Then today when I wake to watch the latest Philip DeFranco episode there was also a section on this topic that gave me the urge to write a post and reflect on this matter. I think this is going to be one long post.

I’ll start things off with the most cliche argument on topic of violence. “Video games induce violence” said the guy who never play video game. I’m definitely disagree with that and I find that by now this is a stupid reasoning to use to keep weapon legal. But oh well, NRA still couldn’t find a better comeback than this. As much as, I like those FPS and graphically violent games like GTA, I don’t think they could be solely blamed for being the cause of violence. They definitely give players the imagination. So does movies, news, book, TV show… anything can give us imagination. And as everything else, it’s a business and business thrive because there’re demand. So we’re talking about a high demand for violent FPS games here. And it’s only because there’s so much demand for the highly graphical FPS games that the game companies continue to make more of them and hire people specifically to make them more realistic, more violent. Just look at GTA, I hate that game and I can never understand how can people love this stupid game but let’s face it, people do love it. And hence the release of the many more version of GTA and the likes. And is it the game’s fault that people love it? It sounds like I’m a game advocate? I am but I honestly don’t think that it takes a genius or a pro-game person to see this logic. Why? because a lot of old fashion RPG games I love went to extinction due to the lack of demand in the market.

I think the tendency for violence is primitive instinct or psychological mindset or whatever you’d like to call it. But basically, a person needs to be nurtured well and away from it. We’re all born animal. Even worse, animal with intelligence. Once our primitive instinct takes over, we can be very dangerous. Regarding that, I think society, government, and family is way more responsible for this than video games. And we never even forget the fact that like everything else, video games is made by a bunch of people for the purpose of profit and they don’t care about your children or whoever your love ones is. The make you buy, they’ll make more. Same for any products. Event weapons. And if you don’t, they’ll find a way to convince you or if possible force you to buy. Hence, it all depends on the parties who have the responsibility, authority, capacity, maturity and interest in protecting the individual to do something about it. When they’re not doing their job so well and turn themselves to blame everything else, I find that disgusting.

Gun doesn’t kill. The person does.” another overly used sentences on this topic. Of course it doesn’t, we all know that. Neither is everything else. “Gun doesn’t. The person does. So how it is the game and not the gamer?” (or something like that I can’t remember the exact phrasing but the meaning remains) one of my favorite 9gag memes on this issue. Again, I think it doesn’t take a genius to figure that gun is just a tool and the tool doesn’t kill. Well, maybe yes if you accidentally shoot yourself then again it’s still you who did the killing. I definitely agree that it’s always the person’s fault they murder someone. But the tool is what amplifies the magnitude of that fault. Let’s say for some reason, I wanna kill some bastard who really pissed me off. If the most deadly weapon I can find at my disposal is a chopper or golf club, then I would have to cut him many time and also get close to him to do the damage which can also result in some struggle hence there a chance that he may not die from the incidence. Or maybe to my misfortune, the guy turns out to be some kung fu or karate master. He could’ve disarm and probably beat the crap out of me. But if instead I could get my hand on some semi-automatic 50 bullet magazine rifle, how do you think a kung fu  master would handle that? So of course, gun doesn’t take lives but it give tremendous ability to take many lives in a short time and that is extremely dangerous in the wrong hands.

Some geniuses would say oh then chainsaw, gas tank, cleaver, and all the other extremely dangerous tool beside gun would also give you that capability. Is it? As conveniently as gun? Maybe. Agreed those tools are extremely dangerous too and need to be handled with care but again those are useful tools and we need them for our daily lives. What about gun? useful tool for daily lives? Hardly… Or is it? Gun is very useful for hunting and protection of our family and stuffs from bad guys and criminals. Says the genius. You live in one of the most developed and civilized country in the world and you need to do hunting and protection of family and stuff. Seems legit. Okay maybe you really really do need them for hunting and protection, you can’t live without hunting and feeling safe because you can shoot people back if they were to shoot you. But why on earth would you need semi-automatic military rifle for that?

Then they also say the gun is not the problem, we should not focus on it let’s focus on beefing up security and mental health monitoring. So how do we do that again? Put military guards in all public institutions and crowded places like cinema, shopping malls and stuff? Oh then how to do we do that mental health monitoring thing again. Do mental check on every citizen on regular basis? So that will stop the shooting while still making guns widely available? Oh I just couldn’t help with the sarcasm. I don’t have any statistic but speaking from an experience of the person who has suffered mental instability from school bullies, relationship problem and dysfunctional family, I definitely don’t think any mental health measure could stop me doing anything dangerous if I were to have a rifle in my hand in that moment of mental outburst. The only thing that stopped me was the inaccessibility to deadly weapons. Only after I live through the agony of that for some time that I was fortunate enough to move to new environment building new life knowing new people who care and love me give me courage and hope that if I keep my heads up and things will work out for the better, which fortunately for me, it did. If there’s anything I know from having mental instability is that we never reveal it and show it to anyone and yet hoping people would see and understand. As impossible and crazy as it sounds, it’s the truth. I would act all normal and fun around people while burning deep down and hoping someone would understand and help me. But guess what? nobody would know. And usually, it’s these type of mental instability that has the potential to lead to the most dangerous outcome. To all my honest opinion, I don’t thing anybody body can stop that from happening around the world beside the closest ones to the individual which is his/her good friends and family. As for higher level entities such as society and government, I would have to say the best they can do is protect the innocent bystander and minimize damage cause whenever such outburst happens. And for all common sense, I think stopping access to deadly arm weapon would really minimize that.

Also, I don’t see why you need to beef up security, and mental health monitoring but don’t stop selling gun and make it illegal. Why not do all the 3? I’ve seen it with my country. The government made gun illegal and confiscate all arm weapon from home and the occurrence of shooting and gang gun fight reduced tremendously. And mark my word “reduce”, because some people get so carried away that they end up just talking about stopping stuff. There’s really a major difference. Honestly, I don’t think you can really ever stop it, there will always be crazy people out there doing crazy things. Even in one of the safest countries in the world like Singapore is no exception. I think the answer is pretty obvious no matter what reason is raised to keep gun in business. Profit. Money. Oh.. the ugly truth.

All in all, I think whatever I have said is no revelation nor an absolutely righteous idea. However, I do feel that deep down inside everyone knows all these and it’s just that they have make an argument to serve their interest. And that’s why we see smart people making stupid statements.


Lionel Messi


Yesterday was yet another historic day in football world. An epic win for Manchester United over Manchester City. And the great Lionel Messi broke yet another record. By scoring two goals for Barcelona against Real Betis yesterday, Messi broke Gerd Muller’s most-goal-scored-in-one-calendar-year record which lasted well over 40 years. Gerd Muller’s record was 85 goals in 1 calendar year. Messi’s second goal against Real Betis was his 86th goal of 2012. I’m obviously very happy and extremely in awe of his latest achievement. I think there were almost no doubt that he would break it since there are still quite a number of matches to go in 2012 and from the way he’s going, it doesn’t seem like anyone could stop him from scoring. Let’s see if he can take it to 90 in the remaining 3 matches.

As expected, the media outburst and all the buzzes. And quite obviously, a lot of hates and negativity going around in the comment section. I really don’t understand these people. It almost seems like they enjoy going around bashing people’s success. Probably they do. I’m not football fanatic nor am I a big fan of any football club. I watch sport simply because I enjoy the sportsmanship and the amazing feat these sport men display. Like him or not, you’ve gotta accept that he’s an exceptional player. His rise to legendary stardom may resulted from more than just his sheet talent and that’s tremendous support from his extremely talented team mates but we’ve gotta see that it also take a great player to utilize those support and turn it into results. In short pick up the pass and turn it into goals. I’ve been watching Messi since he only more or less only knew how to dribble like a mad cow until he turn into a scoring a machine. I think the man has made a tremendous progress from being a pointlessly amazing solo dribbler to an incredible team player yet still amazing soloist.

The standard argument (or maybe a statement) of some of the people I’ve seen on the net is that if you were to put Luiz Suarez, Kun Aguero, Rooney, Robin Van Persie, or Falcao (whichever great striker you love) into Messi’s place they would do just as well or maybe even better. They would just easily break those records. Do I think so? No, I don’t. No doubt, each of these strikers are top-notch probably one of world’s best strikers. I have a lot of love and respect for them but I still don’t think that given Messi’s place in Barca side, they would be able to score the amount of goals and display solo brilliance the way Messi does. And Messi doesn’t just get goals, he also get assists, which is an amazing feat. Barca has been having some really legendary strikers that I love like Ronaldhino and Ronaldo. They are people that have been in Messi’s place and have achieved greatness but yet cannot generate the record that Messi does. Well, again if you come up to say “Yeah, that’s because Ronaldhino and Ronald are crap they earn everything because of their talented team mates. If you put any other striker there, they would do just as well.” then I seriously don’t know how you enjoy watching this sport.

Personally, I celebrate and respect every player that displays amazing performance on the field and give great entertainment to the fan and the sport. The only player that I dislike even when they’re damn good is a player with attitude problem (on and off the field). Players like Ibrahimovic and Drogba, I love them so much in PES because they’re great with no attitude but in real life, another story. Well then again attitude problem or not can be subjective as well depending of how big of a fan and how blinded you are. I think one great controversial example would be Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7). I have a group of friends adore him so much and another group think he’s a cocky bastard. But both agree that he’s a legendary player. Without Messi, he would be standing of top of the football world. I like him best when he was still a mid fielder in Man U. He played so well and display great humility. One of my greatest joy will be to see him back in Man U alongside Rooney and Van Persie. Then we would be seeing some epic game in EPL and UCL.

All in all, I don’t see why people should be going around with so much hate. We all should be joyful that we’re alive to witness the day history is made and live to tell our children and grand children that “I lived in a time of Messi and CR7, and son, you really miss out some great football.”

Lionel Messi

Play Nation

2 Orchard Link
#03-01 SCAPE S237978
Tel: 66343065

Sun to Thu: 14:00 – 23:00
Fri to Sat: 14:00 – 03:00

On my last outing with old friends, we went to this place. It’s like a mixture of Decode Cafe and E2Max. It has gaming station, family games, card games and board games. It costs about $17 per pax for a play room for 2 hrs with pop corn and free flow of drinks. I’m not if the popcorn was free flow or not but I think not. They have the open space game stations where it’s just sofa and TV for you to play and also tables for people who go there to play board games. Then you can also rent a private room to play with your friends which we did.

Anyway, it’s a thumbs down from me. I had a bad experience there. The room was kinda too small for 6 of us and the flooring was bad. Then room was stuffy as well. Their equipment looks pretty run down. Well this speaking from a guy with high expectation when it come to gaming and board gaming environment. I mean when you can arrange and find your own play space better than what they provide for free, that’s when you know the place is not up to expectation. I’m not sure if people go there because it’s cheap since I don’t really know the average price for this kinda of thing.

Play Nation