Interesting Stuffs #001

Wow 12/12/12 has a lot of interesting news, I’d like to comment on…

MovieHobbit Director despairs of iPad-Movie-watcher

I totally agree on the larger screen and more immersive experience part but not on the 3D. Kinda contradictory of me but for a short sighted person, I’m still finding current 3D is not natural enough and it’s a drag to watch 3D with the 3D glasses. I get dizzy, headache and teary eyes during the show which more or less ruin the experience instead. So unless until 3D evolves to stage where we can experience it with naked eyes, I’m not a fan.

Music: Disco queen Donna Summer to join rock Hall of Fame

Well, if you care. I think this is something big to be in this Hall of Fame along with all the legends like Aerosmith and Elvis Presley. But oh well I’m not big Rock n Roll fan, but I love Aerosmith and Elvis Presley. So I think to be honored along side with them is big.

Sport: Arsenal eliminated by Bradford on penalties in League Cup

Arsenal… Arsenal… what are you doing? I think after this Arsene Wenger will get a few more wrinkles on his face. This poor performance will surely get a lot of criticism from media and also bashing from fans as well. This is just surprisingly poor performance from this big club. They have some really good players, so I hope somehow they put themselves together soon.

Internet: Yahoo overhauls email for Web, mobile

It really took them quite a while to figure this out but too gmail has already advance pass that. Anyway, I’m looking forward to what they’d do with this new found epiphany. Hopefully, they can come up with something intelligent for all of us to enjoy.

Space: US sends futuristic X-37B plane back into space

Juicy news for space fanboy? I’m for one not excited. Honestly, I’ve never really been excited about space news. I’m very a earth person. My impression whenever we make some space breakthrough is that with the time and money they spent on space they could use some of that to save the earth.

NK: North Korea launches rocket in defiance of critics

I really hope the end of all these is just political games.

Finance: SIA sells stake in Virgin Atlantic for $439m

Implication? I have no idea. I guess SIA no longer think that VA is so virgin any more better sell them out for hundreds of millions and make headline news.

Interesting Stuffs #001


Rivalry. Everybody loves rivalry. Despite being educated to be a peace loving, logical, sensible creature (well, at least from where I come from), I’ve long come to realize how most of us enjoy and get entertained by the drama in created from rivalry. People seems to enjoy discussing, debating, challenging, arguing and even fighting over it. And to our satisfaction, there seems to be endless rivalry story for the us to keep following up from economic and politics to sport and IT electronics rivalries. Recently, for some reason, I ended up reading up a lot of news and discussion over various big rivalries.

  • Obama vs Romney
    Another episode of Democrat versus Republican.
  • Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo
    A battle of who’s the best football player on earth.
  • Barcelona vs Real Madrid
    Long drawn battle between the two best clubs in the world.
  • X Box vs Play Station
    Probably an old story.
  • Apple vs Samsung
    A battle to dominate the mobile device market.
  • Apple vs Google
    Mobile OS battle and probably currently a digital GPS map battle too.
  • Google vs Facebook
    I wonder how popular is G+ now…
  • PES vs FIFA
    lolz probably already a one sided battle now… Wonder how many loyal PES player like me remains
  • Pepsi vs Coke
    I think I’m getting carried away… are they still fighting.. I hope they do. 😛
  • HTML 5 vs Flash
    We probably know who’s the winner now… but I still flash is awesome.

Well, I’m pretty sure you have your own list of rivalry that you’re interested and actively following up, discuss and debate with your peers. I think rivalry is more less 1 defining characteristic of nature. I think for the most part we can agree that it’s a good thing if practice correctly. In many way, this competition helps us grow in many. It helps us grow, gives us self satisfaction, makes us feel belong (to whichever side we’re on), aspires, motivates us blah blah blah.. Well, so long as it doesn’t turn out into a blood bath battle… that’s when it’ll just do one and only thing to us…. It destroys us.

Come to think of it, I seriously don’t know what’s the point or purpose of this post. Probably, I just want to remind myself that we don’t always have to get aggressive and fight when we compete. It can and should always be a friendly rivalry.


Well-Said True Fact About Shitty People

An Excerpt from Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami.

“Hey Watanabe, let’s go down to the Cafeteria.”

I agreed to go, but in fact I didn’t much feel like eating. The cafeteria was so packed with doctor, nurses, and visitors. Long lines of chairs and tables filled the huge, windowless underground cavern where every mouth seems to be eating or talking – about sickness, no doubt, the voices echoing and re-echoing as in a tunnel. Now and then the PA system would break through the reverberation with calls for a doctor or nurse. While I laid claim to a table, Midori bought two set meals and carried them over on an aluminium tray. Croquettes with cream sauce, potato salad, shredded cabbage, boiled vegetables, rice and miso soup; these were lined up in a tray in the same white plastic dishes they used for patients. I ate about half of mine and left the rest. Midori seems to enjoy her meal to the last mouthful.

“Not hungry?” she asked, sipping hot tea.

“Not really,” I said.

“It’s the hospital,” she said, scanning the cafeteria. “This always happens when people aren’t used to the place. The smells, the sounds, the stale air, patients’ faces, stress, irritation, disappointment, pain, fatigue – that’s what does it. It grabs you in the stomach and kills your appetite. Once you get used to it, though, it’s no problem at all. Plus, you can’t really take of a sick person unless you eat properly. It’s true. I know what I’m talking about because I’ve done that with my grandfather, my grandmother, my mother, and now my father. You never know when you’re going to have to miss your next meal, so it’s important to eat when you can.

“I see what you mean,” I said.

“Relatives come to visit and they eat with me here, and they always leave half their food, just like you. And they always say, ‘Oh, Midori, it’s wonderful you’ve got such a healthy appetite. I’m too upset to eat.’ But get serious, I’m the one who’s actually taking care of the patient! They just have to drop by and show a little sympathy. I’m the one who wipe up the shit and collect the phlegm and mop the brows. If sympathy was all it took to clean up shit, I’d have 50 times as much sympathy as anybody else! Instead, they see me eating all the food and they give me this look and say, ‘Oh Midori, you’ve got such a healthy appetite.’ What do they think I am, a donkey pulling a cart? They’re old enough to know how the world really works, so why are they so stupid? It’s easy to talk big but the important thing is whether or not you clean up the shit.  I can be hurt, you know. I can get as exhausted as anyone else. I can feel so bad I want to cry, too. I mean, you try watching a gang of doctors get together and cut open somebody’s head when there’s no hope of saving them, and stirring things up in there, and doing it again and again, and every time they do it it makes the person worse and little bit crazier and see how you like it! And on top of it, you see your savings disappear. I don’t if I can keep going to university for another three-and-a-half years, and there’s no way my sister can afford a wedding ceremony.”

Well-Said True Fact About Shitty People

Student who obtained 0% in an exam

Saw this on FB and it totally cracked me up. He it goes:

This student didn’t answer any question wrong but I got 0.

Q1: In which battle did Napoleon die?
A1: His last battle.

Q2: Where was the declaration of independence signed?
A2: At the bottom of the page.

Q3: River Ravi flow in which state?
A3: Liquid.

Q4: What is the main reason for divorce?
A4: Marriage.

Q5: What is the main reason for failure?
A5: Exam.

Q6: What can you never for breakfast?
A6: Lunch & Dinner.

Q7: What looks like half an apple?
A7: The other half.

Q8: If you throw a red stone into a blue sea what will it become?
A8: It will simply become wet.

Q9: How can a man go 8 days without sleeping?
A9: No problem, he sleeps at night.

Q10: How can you lift an elephant with one hand?
A10: You’ll never find an elephant that has only one hand…

Q11: If you have 3 apples and 4 oranges in one and 4 apples and 3 oranges in other hand, what would you have?
A11: Very large hands.

Q12: It it took 8 men 10 hours to build a wall, how long would it take for men to build it?
A12: No time at all, the wall is already built.

Q13: How can you drop a raw egg on to a concrete floor without cracking it?
A13: Any way you want, concrete floors are very hard to crack.



Student who obtained 0% in an exam

Stumbled Upon (20 Oct 2011)

This I stumbled upon some pretty good stuffs worth sharing. First of all let’s start with YouTube. I was redditting… wait has this become a term yet? Anyway, yeah I was redditting in the WTF section and came across this rant on sexism—a pretty hardcore truth right in your face. Next if you recall a viral video from this 2 little girls in their pink princess-like dress singing Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass, well they’re now stars on Allen DeGeneres. There were invited on the show and get to meet Nicki Minaj in person. Their reaction when they meet Nicki is hilarious. Again on Allen DeGeneres, I saw one of my favorite YouTube singers as well, and it’s non other than Christina Grimmie! She was performing How To Love on the show.

Next is some random stuff on the web. If you think, you’ve always pronounce banana correctly then you maybe wrong. Check this out. And if you want to know what else you can do with your left over potato chips after eating them. Then see this.

Finally, let’s see what happening on news that matters to me. First of all is my used-to-be favorite boy band—Westlife—is separating after releasing their final album some where in Nov (Link). As for the local news, The Govt is announcing something called a NS disruption list. Interested? Read it up. Then we have some really WTF news like Hong Kong’s pampered pooches take yoga classes and High Heels for Men Are On Demand. We’re seriously moving toward this ridiculously weird world where people just competing to come up with weirder stuffs everyday… some of them are awesome, some are rubbish, some just pure WTF.

Stumbled Upon (20 Oct 2011)

Sport & Exercise

Sport and Exercise. I wonder since when did it become a chore instead of recreational activities. Or has it always been? I really don’t understand why people have to make plan and check schedule just to say yes an activity that benefit their health. Are they really that busy? Well, I wouldn’t know. But from experience, that’s usually not the case. What happened most of the time is we tend to paint this ugly picture of the activity in our head that almost immediately we manage to convince ourselves that we’d be better off doing other things, more fun or productive things. And almost immediately we manage to come up with a perfectly absolute excuse – I’m busy. And that ugly picture we paint in our usually goes like this:

  • If I go jog later, I would be exhausted afterward. Then I wouldn’t be able to do anything. Plus I hardly jog, if I do, I might also get muscle pain for a few days.
  • Soccer? I suck at soccer. I would just make a fool out of myself playing soccer and spoil other people’s game.
  • Only these few people going? I don’t really like them. It would be a boring session. I think I’ll pass.
  • etc. etc.

I don’t know what else could everyone be thinking when they’re picturing it but those are the most few commons ones that usually pop in my head and most of the people I know when we’re asked to play sport or thinking of whether we should do exercise that we’re not really in the mood to do. It’s ironic because the truth is we were never really into the mood to do them. Well, not at least until we started doing it. Just like studying. And just like the saying “No pain, No gain”. More like cliche to me. So yeah sometime, I really don’t get why people don’t give chance to things like playing sport and doing exercise when they have a choice and the time to. And what grinds my gear is the people who don’t and always talk like they do. And what really grinds my gear even more is the people who don’t, always talk like they do and call you play or ask you to call them to join but when the time comes they are either busy, not in the mood or too tired. Seriously man what’s the deal man! I really hate it when the person who does that is my friend.

Sport & Exercise


That time of year is here again. The time where we spend generous amount of money to have a tree in our house and decorate that tree with ridiculous ornaments such as star, socks, fake bulbs, bells..etc.  It’s also the time where we ask wish for present from a bearded fat man in red knowing he isn’t the one buying it. Nevertheless, it’s always a happy time, a time to smile and cherish your love ones and be thankful for everything little things you’ve got.

To everybody, have a very Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year!


Sizzling StoneGrill @ JB

Went to JB with my juniors for after-exam lunch. It’s really been awhile since the last time I was there. And of course, we went to my favorite restaurant, the Sizzling StoneGrill. The best Stone grill I’ve ever had so far. The only one I’ve had so far. But seriously, it’s good. Wish they had it in Singapore. But doubt I’d go there if they had it. It’ll be darn expensive in Singapore. We spend about RM 170 for 6 pax. That was the price for the order of six big stone grill set, 3 drinks and 1 tom yum noodle. Worth it, I’d say.

The shitty part was we had to eat it fast as we were rushing for time. Then by the time I came back, I was starving and was craving for it again during dinner….zzzz I had to close eye and make do with canteen food…well not that dramatic but definitely unsatisfactory. Maybe I should take away 1 set home next time… I wonder if I can do that.

Sizzling StoneGrill @ JB


Sometime, I’m just happy and smile for no apparently reason….

Sometime, I’m moody and looked angry even when I’m not…

Sometime, I’m just sleepy and doze off despite the 8 hrs of slumber….

Sometime, I’m so full of energy even after what it seems an eternity of study and 3 hrs of badminton, I still pull an all-nighter chit chatting…

Sometime, I’m so lazy that even shifting my buttock becomes a chore…

Sometime, I feel so accompanied even when nobody is around…

Sometime, I feel so lonely and down…

Sometime, I feel that life is so flowery and full of possibilities…

Sometime, I feel that it’s a monotony to infinity…

And most of the time, life just goes on.

It amazing how much turbulence our mind can create to disturb the peace in our soul. Sometime, I wish it would stop doing that and leave me alone, while other time, I’ll be wondering why didn’t it do that? Through all that, what I learnt is how handle and accept the negative “sometime” and walk through it with the hope that the positive “sometime” will eventually come.



Seeing Me & Orson Welles makes me feel that opinions can be really objective. And that is scary. Can you imagine person is giving you his opinion which is not really his opinion? Precisely, it’s like lying to you. But the only difference is that it’s the truth. His opinion towards you changes depending on how much you benefit/profit him. Again that can be your very powerful weapon if you can master it. You’re no longer prejudice towards people since your opinions no longer matter to you. The only thing that matters is what can you make out it.

But seriously, I really don’t see the point in becoming like that. Can’t imagine having to constantly looking at things from a third-person point of view.