Sizzling StoneGrill @ JB

Went to JB with my juniors for after-exam lunch. It’s really been awhile since the last time I was there. And of course, we went to my favorite restaurant, the Sizzling StoneGrill. The best Stone grill I’ve ever had so far. The only one I’ve had so far. But seriously, it’s good. Wish they had it in Singapore. But doubt I’d go there if they had it. It’ll be darn expensive in Singapore. We spend about RM 170 for 6 pax. That was the price for the order of six big stone grill set, 3 drinks and 1 tom yum noodle. Worth it, I’d say.

The shitty part was we had to eat it fast as we were rushing for time. Then by the time I came back, I was starving and was craving for it again during dinner….zzzz I had to close eye and make do with canteen food…well not that dramatic but definitely unsatisfactory. Maybe I should take away 1 set home next time… I wonder if I can do that.

Sizzling StoneGrill @ JB


Sometime, I’m just happy and smile for no apparently reason….

Sometime, I’m moody and looked angry even when I’m not…

Sometime, I’m just sleepy and doze off despite the 8 hrs of slumber….

Sometime, I’m so full of energy even after what it seems an eternity of study and 3 hrs of badminton, I still pull an all-nighter chit chatting…

Sometime, I’m so lazy that even shifting my buttock becomes a chore…

Sometime, I feel so accompanied even when nobody is around…

Sometime, I feel so lonely and down…

Sometime, I feel that life is so flowery and full of possibilities…

Sometime, I feel that it’s a monotony to infinity…

And most of the time, life just goes on.

It amazing how much turbulence our mind can create to disturb the peace in our soul. Sometime, I wish it would stop doing that and leave me alone, while other time, I’ll be wondering why didn’t it do that? Through all that, what I learnt is how handle and accept the negative “sometime” and walk through it with the hope that the positive “sometime” will eventually come.



Seeing Me & Orson Welles makes me feel that opinions can be really objective. And that is scary. Can you imagine person is giving you his opinion which is not really his opinion? Precisely, it’s like lying to you. But the only difference is that it’s the truth. His opinion towards you changes depending on how much you benefit/profit him. Again that can be your very powerful weapon if you can master it. You’re no longer prejudice towards people since your opinions no longer matter to you. The only thing that matters is what can you make out it.

But seriously, I really don’t see the point in becoming like that. Can’t imagine having to constantly looking at things from a third-person point of view.


Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day

Before I start ranting….


It feels so long since I posted sth about myself on this blog. It seems like everyday just get shorter as u get older. That makes me sound like I’m damn old. lol But seriously, it’s true. Apparently, it seems like the older we grow, the more we see the importance and significance of different people who walked in and out of our lives. Hence, every precious free time we have, we tend to want to spend with them and cherish every moment. And that’s precisely why no time for blogging, gaming, and every other things that we used to be able to spend so much time on during childhood. Sad? Yes and No. It gives us a completely different feeling and experience so it’s not really comparable. It’ll be best if we can have the best of everything. (suddenly think of Miley Cyrus – Best of Both World).

Anyway, let’s go to CNY and V day part. Before going off for CNY holiday, me and my colleagues/friends had a sport cum Chinatown outing on Friday. It was a day full of mixed emotion. It was a lot of fun, stress, sadness and worries. I worked, I ate, I chit-chat, I played sport, I went out, I panicked then I stayed over. Friday, 12 Feb 2010, I’m going to remember this date. Overall, I’d still say it’s a very fun day despite the fact that I lost my phone and wallet. Better still was that I learned sth through the whole experience. Never change to different court half way during ur play and never let your friend give you a lift, and take MRT instead…LOL just kidding. Through this, I learned that I need people around me more than I think I do. I also learned that every little good deeds that each of us accumulate would not go to waste. It’ll be returned to us in one way or another. Be it meeting nice people, knowing good friends, or being helped by very nice strangers. Most of the time, we’d just give the credit to luck and fate for all these things. But personally, I do believe that what we do to everybody everyday does influence the luck and fate that we have with people.

And that was the pre-CNY celebration. What about the days itself? It sucks. And by falling Valentine’s day, it makes it double suck. Now, there’s tight slap on my consciousness saying “you don’t have family and you’re single.” Ouch… A “lonely unloved orphan” can almost perfectly describe my situation. Okay maybe I kinda dramatize that a little a bit (to get some sympathy). Teehee! 😛  I do have family, it’s just that I’m unable to be with them where they are right now.. thanks to all the people who decided to travel at the same damn time on the same airline. .\    /. But again this is the only time they can travel and it’s the only airline they can take. hmm… then who to blame? Never mind forget it. Joking asides, CNY never fail to remind me of how much I need my family. Being away from them for close to 8 years, I may have become ignorant and think that I’m independent enough. But what I tend to overlook is the fact that providing support is not just only thing family do but they also provides a medium for each of us to share our joy and happiness, especially during occasions like this. And that is definitely not sth we can grow independent of.

Finally, I hope everyone out there is having a great Chinese New Year and a sweet Valentine’s day. With that, ciao.

Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day

New Year Resolutions

Another year has passed and another year is here. New Year the time to forget what happened last year and start making wishes and goals that we’ll never going to remember for this year – the new year resolutions.

Let’s see what do I resolve to do this year… First of all, I resolve to become more useless and less productive this year. ( ̄ー ̄) I think I have been rather over-productive in 2009.  XD So maybe I should take it easy, and slack and sleep more in 2010. Next, I will resolve to spend less since I resolved to the slack more that means there won’t be much income thus the need to resolve to spend less. (*´ο`*)=3 Then I would need to resolve to desire less things. No more gadgets, no more expensive food, and no more useless stuffs from sales. Hmm… then I think I also need to resolve to go out less so I wouldn’t see so much sales and all the stuffs that I want to buy… out of sigh of of mind. ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ Damn that means I must resolve to be more anti-social too so I wouldn’t get called to go out so much. Then I will need solo more so I wouldn’t need to friends. In order to solo, I will need to have more good items in my inventory… but to have good items, I need to have a lot of money, which means I need to work more… but I have already resolve to slack and work less. Okay nevermind I’ll just resolve to spend my slacking time finding ways to earn money without working. This way I would be able to slack and still earn money to get good items so I can solo more in order to avoid the need to have more friends, thus the need to go out.

Then again, if I can earn more money why would I need go out less in order to spend less? I can just spend and go out as usual. AH HA! now it’s simple! My only new year resolution would just be to do nothing and still earning more money. O(≧∇≦)O HAPPY NEW YEAR people!

New Year Resolutions

Catching up

Wow before I know it, it has already been two weeks after exams are over. And more importantly, I just realize that I haven’t even had time to post a post to celebrate the liberty from this stressful hurdle. After my paper was over on 1st Dec, I had so many things that I want to and need to catch up on. First was to catch up on some friends and going out for dinner. Then catch up on my preparation for my internship, which is going start 1 month earlier then scheduled and thus instead of having 6 weeks holiday, I will only have 2. After that need to go around here and there buy some stuffs for some people, sending things for repair, repairing things.

On top of that, I had so so many movies to catch up on… the list has been built up since the semester started. Apparently, I was so preoccupied that I didn’t get a chance to see any. Let’s see what I have seen since after exam, 2012, Ninja Assassin, A Christmas Carol, Ice Age 3, Monsters vs Aliens, Four Christmases, American Pie Presents Book of Love, Watchmen, and Aliens in the Attic. Not bad quite a number, but still so many more to go.. Law Abiding Citizen, Public Enemies and The Hangover, just to name a few. Besides that, I’m also resuming The Lost Symbol, which I started reading during school term due to inability to control the temptation and put on hold when exam coming due to panic, desperation, and fear of not being able catch up on time for exam. Then the past few days, I’ve spent catching up on South Park season 13, Family Guy season 8 and my most favorite TV show, So You Think You Can Dance season 6. Then finally, it’s time to resume jogging and badminton after a month break without exercise.

Wow~! seems like I really have a lot of catching up to do especially when the time frame is so short. I really need to clear them before internship start. Otherwise, I’ll be really distracted. With that, I’ll sign off and chiong to do some more catching up. TEE HEE!

Catching up

Sex Joke

Warning: Don’t read it if you can’t take it.

On the bus, two men with a really strong accents start a conversation. The lady next to them eavedrops.

“Emma come first. Den I come. Den two esses acoma together. I come once-a-more. Two esses, they comma together again. I come again and pee twice. Then I come one lasta time.”

“You dirty-mouth pig! in this country, we don’t talk about our dirty sex lives in public!” The lady exclaims.

“Hey, whats sa-matter for you?” say the man “I’m a justa telling my frienda how to spell “Mississippi”.

Sex Joke