Quest for the perfect Keyboard

As a programmer, hobbyist designer, and gamer, I’m always on a quest for best keyboard. This actually became a thing when I was in university where I started earning a bit of extra cash through part-time jobs which was like during the year 2008-09ish. As usual, during one of those days, I was doing window shopping at Sim Lim Square (a famous IT mall in Singapore), when then I first came across an expensive keyboard that labelled Mechanical Keyboard. I was like why was it so expensive? I tested it out at the shop, and it really felt different from normal keyboard that I was used to. Basically, it was softer and has this satisfying clicky sounds. I felt really good typing on it. So I went back home intrigued and like anybody curious person would, I googled “Mechanical Keyboard”. That was the first time I was introduced to the world of keyboards learning that there are different type of keyboards and the ones I’m used to are generally a type called membrane keyboard. You can find a lot of google result explaining Mechanical Keyboard, but to put it simply, for me, Mechanical Keyboard is really like a very sensitive keyboard with a very good tactile feedback when you type which gives you a feeling that you’re not spending to much effort and energy into typing and that in turn should allow you to type faster and longer without ergonomic injury. On top of that, the 1 extra super fantastic factor for me was the fact you can easily remove button cap from each key to clean the keyboard! or basically change all the keyboard cap with new ones and basically customize look and feel. Awesome! For a long, I have problem cleaning my keyboard. That was like mind-blowing stuff for me to discover! Reading the superiority of Mechanical Keyboard, I was amazed and really really wanted to get 1 without have any further technical idea of anything about the Mechanical Keyboard. So sometime later, when I had enough money that I thought it was financially okay to purchase it. With that, I got myself my first ever mechanical keyboard which was Razer BlackWidow for around 100 SGD. And since then, my world has gone Mechanical, no more membrane.

I really like it. But soon, I realize I have a problem with it. Remember that “clicky” sound that I like. I didn’t realize it could be a problem when I tested at the shop, but when I bring back to my room it became a problem. In university days, I stay in hostel and share room with other students. So yeah, the sounds is actually quite noisy especially at night and it disturb my roommate. So in the end, I had to toggle keyboard to use normal keyboard at night or whenever he is around. Ouch!

So yeah I was stuck with that habit and keyboard till I start working which then I started having my own private room which I can free enjoy the keyboard, but another problem came. By then, I was spending most of time at work doing coding. So I actually I would want to use it at work but obviously I can’t because it would be disturbing for my colleague. So then when another curiosity strike me. Is all mechanical keyboard clicky and noisy? If so, what will be my options for good keyboard? Is there like a super good membrane keyboard? So again another google research.

That was the time I started learning about switches in Mechanical Keyboard. My Razer BlackWidow has blue switches which technically is the lousiest and noisiest of all the switches. So that’s when I learnt about other color switches like Red and Brown. But they were generally more expensive and I wasn’t willing to put my money in, plus my BlackWidow was still doing perfectly fine. Then during IT Show in September 2013, I came across a heavily discounted Mechanical Keyboard with red switch. That was when I got my 2nd Mechanical Keyboard for just 87 SGD – CoolerMaster CMStorm QuickFire Pro. And yes, it was definitely better than the Razer BlackWidow in term of both sound level, sensitivity and feedback feel. However, it still wasn’t quiet enough for me to bring to office for coding. And with that, I parted with my perfectly working Razer BlackWidow by giving it my young brother. With that, we fast forward again to a number of years later, when I already return back which I was still making frequent trip back to Singapore visiting friends. So one of those trip in May 2017, I came to know about this popular online auction and second selling app that really took of in Singapore called Carousel. I was browsing if I can find anything to buy and get any good deal so I can collect during my trip. That was when I started googling for “the best programming keyboard”. I figured why should I buy new Mechanical Keyboard since they are so hard to spoil. All the keyboards I have are still like work perfect and all keys are still very sensitive. So chances is that even the second hand one are good. Plus that I would be I can afford a higher price band of keyboard. Then, I had my target which that time was the Filco Ninja Majestictouch 2 and WASD Keyboard Code which their original price was like 150+ to almost 200 USD. Crazy for keyboard. I couldn’t find any deal on WASD Keyboard Code apparently it’s not a popular brand in Singapore. But luckily I struck a deal on the Filco Majestictouch 2 for just 100 SGD! So my journey with my 3rd keyboard starts. It’s a brown switch keyboard which I felt it was better than the BlackWidow and CMStorm QuickFire Pro. And that was my first tenkeyless keyboard (i.e. more compact). I was like really in love with Majestictouch 2 compactness and simplicity in design. So in the drawer goes the QuickFire Pro.

So I was enjoying the Majestictouch 2 for like a year before I started to really miss the numpad especially when I was working with numbers and excel spreadsheets which I was doing a lot in my corporate position. That was when I realize, I’m not really not a tenkeyless person. I don’t really need the compactness since I barely bring it around and generally my working desk space are very spacious. So at that point, I was toggling back and forth between the Majestictouch 2 and QuickFire Pro depending on needs. At that point, I was still on occasion casually researching for my next go to keyboard but due to the fact that any next upgrade beyond the Majestictouch 2 the cost would be prohibitive (we’re talking more than 150 USD for a keyboard) and really not sensible other than just something really nice to have. So sometime back in mid 2018, my colleague was looking a good wireless keyboard that he could get quickly without waiting for shipping. You see, normally in Cambodia if you want to get any these kind of gadget there isn’t much seller locally because there wasn’t really a demand for these things. Only in recent years, that the demands and supply started picking up. So I figured since he was needing for office work coding, I would recommend him the best higher end office brand I know – Logitech. So I shared 1 local online seller Facebook page to him to buy and he could afford it as well. He got himself a Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard. So of course, I would try his. To my amazement, the Logitech G613 felt really really good which really struck me. Why have I never looked at Logitech Keyboard? Well, obviously the answer is the google research never showed up any Logitech result. That was when I learnt about a new type of switch from Logitech for their mechanical keyboard- Romer-G mechanical switches. So now I like Romer-G better than brown switch? Guess so. I really really wanted to get the Logitech G613 not just because the sensitive feedback feel and very low noise level (even lower than my Majestictouch 2 which is perfect for office use) but also I’ve never had a wireless keyboard. There was only 1 thing that prevent me from getting it. It was the fact that the G613 has no back-lighting. And I really don’t why that somehow stopped me. The Majestictouch 2 doesn’t any back-lighting but I bought it anyway. So why not the G613. So here’s the context. You see, at this point I was at the point my career were I have pretty comfortable income that I could finally afford things I used to dream about during teenage and university days. And that is a high performance gaming PC with really cool casing, large monitor. So at this point, I’m pretty accustomed to RGB lighting in both mouse and my whole CPU. So with my next purchase, subconsciously, I think I would also want an RGB back-lit keyboard to complete the set. But an RGB back-lit keyboard just add to the cost of being mechanical keyboard. I never really got around to have compelling reason to actually buy one. All things considered, that was when I ultimately came across the Logitech Orion Spectrum G810 that got me decided. This is the one! I didn’t dare to buy it at first stilling thinking that it’s not really a necessity but then again I think at this point it’s long past debating about the question of necessity, it’s always been about comfort and luxury which I need to accept it. So guess the question now is should I spend on the next luxury upgrade? Well I did give it some time to research around for secondhand on various online marketplace apps. Until eventually I resigned to temptation and finally cross my 100USD threshold for a keyboard and get the Logitech Orion Spectrum G810 in Oct 2018. I’ve been using it at office for a year now and recently, there is long public public holiday which I need to quite some coding work done at home, so I was reminding myself to bring it home for the holiday. So that was when it really hits me that this is such a perfect keyboard. It stops me from ever even thinking about keyboard and wondering if there is better keyboard out there at all. It has everything I need and want in a keyboard. It take 4 keyboards for over 10 years period to figure out what I really need and want.

In conclusion, I think what compels me to start writing this blog post is really the revelation in reflection that never strike me for more than 10 years. That when it struck on such a mundane thing like keyboard, one can really take time, effort, reflection and research to really figure out what you want and what fits you best in your own time and affordability. I’m always looking at significant reflection of life and so on but it never really struck me that sometime mundane and small things can also teach us a lot into how we look at bigger things in life. It’s always about constant improvement and getting better then yesterday in anything we do.

What about wireless, you may ask? Somehow, I’ve never really been a wireless device person. What with the signal radiation and all. And then there is battery and charging. I really hate it when I have to keep monitoring battery because I really have OCD over batter life somehow always want them to be above 50%. So below 50% is like 0% to me. Too much hassle. My wife on the other hand is someone who likes the mobile compactness and slimness which actually gave me another reason to just get a wireless keyboard to try out. I bought her a Logitech K780 to put on he working to give her a complete wireless setup with mouse and keyboard. I tried it a few times the feel was really good. Soft and very quiet. and of course very thin. My only mainly issue with is really the keyboard layout. I hate it. It takes away the whole 6 insert-home-end-pgupdown buttons group and push the arrow key to the main key layout making it really small. I need those group to be exactly where they are! as all other keyboards. So I’m very very uncomfortable with the layout slowing the typing a lot. However, yes it’s a really good alternative when I was moving around the house or toggling between work and personal PC.

Quest for the perfect Keyboard

Lmut Tum Restaurant

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  • Meal: Dinner
  • Rating:
    Food: 8/10 | Ambient: 9/10 | Variety: 8/10 | Price: 8/10 | Service: 8/10
    Cuisine type: Local (Khmer)

This restaurant was introduced by my brother. At one point, we go there for family dinner quite often. I’ve tried plenty of their food. Some of them are really good, some are so-so.

Some of my favorites are:

  • Green Mango Salad With Dried Fish / Smoked Fish / បុកស្វាយត្រីងៀត / ត្រីឆ្អើរ
  • Hot Roasted Chicken
  • Fish Amok In Coconut / អាម៉ុកត្រីចំហុយដូងខ្ចី
    Image may contain: food
  • Snail Amok / អាម៉ុកខ្យង
  • Bay Kdang / បាយក្តាំងបំពង
  • Lort Dessert (បបរលតអង្ករ)

I haven’t tried much else. They have a lot of exotic food as well but normally, I always go for a safe choice. The only really bad one that I tried are their fried dishes. So generally try to avoid fried dishes. Seems like it’s not their strength.

Then there was once where I had a team function, the restaurant has a private room upstairs with a floor seating arrangement for us. My team loved the private space. The service pretty good too and not too pricey and some time if you’re lucky, you may get good singer around as well.

They also have delivery @ Nham24.

For more details can go their Facebook Page and Nham24 for the menu.

Lmut Tum Restaurant

MALIS Restaurants

Image result for malis restaurant

  • Date: 02-May-2018
  • Meal: Dinner
  • Rating:
    Food: 6/10 | Ambient: 7/10 | Variety: 8/10 | Price: 6/10 | Service: 9/10
    Cuisine type: Local (Khmer), Western

Finally, I get to try this exclusive restaurant. This is one of those restaurants that I would never go on my own expense. I just happened to be lucky enough to join my new company on the day that they have function there. So I’d be sure to take not write a post about it 🙂

Our group was about 15-16 people so we booked ourselves a private room. The room was quite simple not that impressive. But yeah I guess the cost mostly goes to the services, which is excellent.

Base on this one-time experience, I didn’t find the food that fantastic. Not to my taste.

We had:

  • Takeo Sausage
    Comment: It tastes vaguely similar to one of the local street food called Kong Kep Bouk (Frog with mixed stuffing). Anyway, it’s quite good.
  • Scallops with Green Peppercorns
    Comment: Scallop was good but the rest of the vegetable side and topping not so much.
  • Banana Blossom with Pork Salad
    Comment: Lolz the pork was good but the banana blossom salad definitely not my thing.
  • Fish Amok
    Comment: Amok and Fish have never been my kind of food. But this amok is quite good. Quite mild not too flavored.
  • Grilled Prawn with Pra Hok sauce (served with white rice)
    Comment: As much as I love lobster, they cooked it a bit too raw for my liking plus I don’t like Pra Hok that much. But yeah still by the far the best dish among all others we had that evening.
  • Bamboo Shoot and Smoke Fish Soup
    Comment: Probably the worst dish of the night for me. Didn’t like bamboo shoot nor the taste of the soup. I just left it unfinished.

All in all, I’m not too sure if they didn’t order the right food or that’s basically the standard there but from that one experience it wasn’t memorable, at least not for that price. So yes, if you’re just going for fanciness and quality service, then probably the right place but just for good food, I don’t think I’d go again and recommend anybody to go.

MALIS Restaurants


Happy New Year folks!

It’s this time of the year again! Time to write super long post summing up the past 365 days, do some reflection and make some resolution for the coming 365 days.

Honestly I feel this that New Year resolution thing hasn’t really worked out for me so far. The reflection does help but every year it has been a new challenge. Even to simply just trying to prevent the pass problem from occurring is a challenge to itself. Anyway, here it goes.

Let’s follow 2015 pattern and start with world. Too busy don’t really have time to keep up with the news much but the general feel is quite similar to 2015. Tragedy, arm conflict, terrorism. It’s just depressing that’s why I don’t really follow news that much anymore.


Now on to personal life. Let’s start with work. After 9 months at my first job in Cambodia, I was headhunted to a new place. It’s unlike me to switch job so quickly but after a lot of thoughts and discussion with family, I decided to give it a try. I decided to go for the new place primarily because I don’t have much to learn at my old place and I couldn’t fit into their super heavy drinking culture or should I say I don’t want to. Apart from that, it’s also because the new place is an MNC and I haven’t worked with MNC before. So I want to try working in corporate world.

Then time flies and now I’ve been at the new place for 3 months. It’s not that amazing. I face a new set of challenges. Let’s see:
The Good:

  • Better office.
  • Travel opportunity.
  • Stronger resource i.e. better learning opportunity.
  • Expatriates i.e. chance to work with a lot of foreigners.
  • Better bonus.
  • Better facilities.
  • More organized.
  • More training and personal development arrangement.
  • Lawful and official.

The Bad:

  • IT people are still a drinking bunch though not as much.
  • In my department, people are rowdy and rude.
  • People are more selfish. They only see their KPI and personal benefit. The general attitude is if-you-feed-me-I-feed-you. Both literally and figuratively.
  • A lot of work politic.
  • New boss not as good as old boss.
  • Longer work hour. Though it say 05:30 pm but usually, I only knock-off around 6:30 or 7:00 pm.
  • After-work social obligation.
  • More work pressure.

So yeah, once again, it just goes to prove that there is no place perfect. Not even in the big nice heavily decorated company. Honestly, I feel a lot more stressed in the new place than my old place. And the sad thing is that it was never about work. If it’s just work, I would enjoy it and breeze through. It’s the political and social obligation and pressure that are responsible for the stress. Personally, I don’t even understand why people here don’t like to go home rest and play some game or read some books and enjoy time with family. Even if go out, why not just go for a coffee or simple restaurant dinner or movie like people in Singapore? Why must it always involve alcohol and KTV? It’s basically like a mainstream culture where everybody conforms to. And if you don’t and you can’t fake it, then you are more or less and outcast. So that’s pretty much sums up the work portion.

Aside from my 9-to-5 day job, I’ve also started to take more outside responsibilities and invest my time on outside work and business opportunity. After a year plus at home, I begin to see a lot of potential for business in this country. I started to talk a lot more with like-minded people about various opportunity. There are also a lot of young people here who are hungry for success and freedom. So I started investing my time on seeking business opportunity with people. I know that I’m not a business person. I’m an engineer at heart. I don’t really like networking with people and such. This is where I rely on other people to take care of that. All I know is that I’m resourceful and business needs resourceful people to run. So that’s where I figure I can come in to play. So I spend my available free time to help my brother in their business, join my wife’s business group and help realizing their business idea. I kinda enjoy my time with all the young business-minded self-driven people. We are all investing our free time to start a project which hopefully can ripe into a fruitful venture.


That’s pretty much work. Still sucks but a necessity to feed family. Here comes the core of it all. Marriage and family. How’s everything? I honestly don’t know but at times, I feel that I’m not really handling it well enough. Marriage life by itself is great and easy. But when other complication like work, duty, or family come in it turns into one big horrible mess. And logic doesn’t help to solve and tidy up the mess. And that’s where it become a major challenge for me. I’m a very logical person and I do what is logical but when logic doesn’t work, it becomes very tricky. For a guy, I feel the responsibility as a provider. So when we are in financial pressure, I feel the need to step up and provide. How to? The only way I know. Work hard. Both at work and outside work. Invest more time on various opportunity. And working hard doesn’t mean just sitting at desk and working but it also means fulfilling social obligation that potentially, or more like definitely, eats up your personal time and attention that could otherwise be provided to your spouse and family. The lack of attention make people upset and depressed. Basically, to me, everybody and everything needs a lot of undivided attention and I am only able to provide to one at a time. And when I distribute my attention poorly (base on logic), people get upset, things get complicated, and the hair on my head start falling. I have to start making sacrifices which I don’t even feel that it’s making anything much better. I always thought that I’m already doing my best to be the best version of me for those I love. I work hard. I get decent pay. I seek growth. I reject bad influence even at being alone. I despise drinking. I dislike party and big social gathering. I do house chore. But it never seems to never suffice. I don’t know. Some time, I became very confused. I’m losing myself and not know what is the right thing to do make everything great again. You are told to be yourself but when you be yourself, people don’t like it. People wants you to be happy but when you do thing that make you happy that doesn’t involve them, people get upset. How is that logical? No, it’s not. It relies a lot on faking and talking your way out of it. If you are just an honest good nature person who tells people you are simple family man who just want to be left in peace to work and go home spend time with family and hobbies, you will be sorry. All in all, I think 2015 for marriage has been quite a rocky year. There are calm and peace times as well as there are stormy weather. A lot of learning, reflecting and changing to do.

Family – one of the major contributor to complication in marriage. Unlike western community where marriage pretty mean tying a knot between two person, over here marriage pretty much mean extending family commitment. We no longer just deal with our own family but also our partner’s family. And that takes a huge toll, especially on the one who tries the hardest. It would be amazing if everybody is perfect and play their role well. But like any organization, there are black sheep and weak link. If these type of people are you colleague, it would be okay because there are many ways you can avoid the person and if you really can’t you can just change your job. But when it comes to family, there is no changing family. All I can do as an eldest son is to try my best to put up a good example hoping that people see, appreciate and start playing their part. Personally, I don’t believe in scolding and giving orders. I don’t like it done to me, I also don’t like to do it to others. And I believe everybody is a sensible grown-up. But so far not everybody is. At times, I feel very very upset and I don’t know what to do about it. I keep wondering why people doesn’t want to grow? why people doesn’t help each other? If it’s outsider, I don’t real care since it’s their life. But when it comes to family, and you see that you feel hurt because you want everybody to be the best and not be a burden that you will eventually had enough of and start ignoring. I think this is why people in western world start giving up on family value. It’s because it only works if we value each other and love each other selfless and be willing to sacrifice for each other but when it’s just a one-side affair. You know what happens to one-sided affair. Honestly, the only 2 persons in my eye that can uphold this family value unconditionally and one-way are my mom and mom-in-law. They literally do everything for everybody without asking for anything in return. Not even fairness. All they do is just have this optimistic hope that all their children will turn out to be amazing people making good money, having good family. The two people that I respect most and try my best to model myself after.

In conclusion, if I were to play word association with 2015 for me, it would be tired, exhausted, stressed, eventful. Actually, it’s not complete that bad, but it’s just probably I’m just having a very high standard and I care way too much about family happiness. I always feel that our surrounding is put way too much pressure on us and try to hurt us, so as a family the logical thing to do is to stay strong, stand united and battle for happiness together. My mom said I try to hard and care too much. Self improvement blogs say that people can’t change, either let them be and live with it or leave it. That just sad. Anyway, so what I learn in 2015 is probably to care less about anything and everything. Like they say the less you care the the less it hurts. I felt that this year reflection seems very gloomy but that’s how I generally feel about it as the year closing. I learnt many things but still not sure how to deal with them beside just stop caring and practicing avoidance. I keep thing about the sentence my fellow engineers always say “I hate dealing with people. Machines are way more straight forward and logical.”

2015 did end on the high note though, I managed to take an undisturbed holiday with just my wife. The way we’ve always wanted. No one else, nothing else. Just two of us in a different environment doing whatever we want, whenever we want, however we want. That’s the time, when I get to truly see and appreciate that marriage and having a life-time partner is truly a wonderful thing. The problem is the everything else that comes and messes it up making the two persons working their ass off to keep everything together. With that, again, two of us are preparing to enter 2016 hoping that we can do better than last year. =)

“Life is hard but it’s worth living.”