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  • Date: 02-May-2018
  • Meal: Dinner
  • Rating:
    Food: 6/10 | Ambient: 7/10 | Variety: 8/10 | Price: 6/10 | Service: 9/10
    Cuisine type: Local (Khmer), Western

Finally, I get to try this exclusive restaurant. This is one of those restaurants that I would never go on my own expense. I just happened to be lucky enough to join my new company on the day that they have function there. So I’d be sure to take not write a post about it 🙂

Our group was about 15-16 people so we booked ourselves a private room. The room was quite simple not that impressive. But yeah I guess the cost mostly goes to the services, which is excellent.

Base on this one-time experience, I didn’t find the food that fantastic. Not to my taste.

We had:

  • Takeo Sausage
    Comment: It tastes vaguely similar to one of the local street food called Kong Kep Bouk (Frog with mixed stuffing). Anyway, it’s quite good.
  • Scallops with Green Peppercorns
    Comment: Scallop was good but the rest of the vegetable side and topping not so much.
  • Banana Blossom with Pork Salad
    Comment: Lolz the pork was good but the banana blossom salad definitely not my thing.
  • Fish Amok
    Comment: Amok and Fish have never been my kind of food. But this amok is quite good. Quite mild not too flavored.
  • Grilled Prawn with Pra Hok sauce (served with white rice)
    Comment: As much as I love lobster, they cooked it a bit too raw for my liking plus I don’t like Pra Hok that much. But yeah still by the far the best dish among all others we had that evening.
  • Bamboo Shoot and Smoke Fish Soup
    Comment: Probably the worst dish of the night for me. Didn’t like bamboo shoot nor the taste of the soup. I just left it unfinished.

All in all, I’m not too sure if they didn’t order the right food or that’s basically the standard there but from that one experience it wasn’t memorable, at least not for that price. So yes, if you’re just going for fanciness and quality service, then probably the right place but just for good food, I don’t think I’d go again and recommend anybody to go.

MALIS Restaurants

Chomp Chomp Food Center

After so much discussion, last finally, my friends and I got to go to the Singapore most favorite Hawker Center. What do I think about it? Well I don’t really keep track in my memory of all the food center that I have been, neither the food quality there. But personally, I think it’s over-rated. Yes true the BBQ sting ray, the white fried carrot cake, the BBQ chicken wings and the gigantic sugar cane are awesome but the rest aren’t. I’ve tried looking around the net for the famous food and stalls I should order from when I’m at Chomp Chomp and all the sources that I come across also only main recommend the BBQ String Ray and Fried Carrot cake. So if you were to call this most favorite food center because of a few dishes, I’d say a lot of food center can be considered most favorite food center.

Besides the four dishes mentioned, we also ordered Satay and it sucked. We order from 2 different stall 30 each. Both, in my opinion, cannot make it even for Singapore standard. Then we also order this fried dry squid (I guess, from I called it from what it is since my friend was the one who ordered it), black pepper beef, cereal prawn, and fried sambal kang kung. The fried dry squid was bad. It was sugar sweet. Then the black pepper beef was extremely sour. -__- The cereal prawn was okay not bad also not special. The positive point is the prawn was big and meaty. The fried sambal kang kung was the most horrible of all. Instead of tasting sambal and kang kung, I mostly tasted oil.

In conclusion, I like it despite some bad experience with a few dishes, we did had a good time with the others. However, I still think it’s over-rated.

Chomp Chomp Food Center