Fix Khmer Unicode Display In Google Chrome

This post is a simple tip on how to fix Khmer Unicode font display weirdly in Google Chrome for Facebook and various other sites. Below is how the weird font looks like.

So we’re going to fix it to display in proper Khmer unicode font like Khmer OS Battambang.


  1. Go to Chrome Setting
  2. Scroll down (or use “Search settings”) to look for Customized fonts.
  3. In Customize fonts, menu scroll to the bottom to look for Advanced font settings.
  4. If you haven’t had “Advanced font settings” chrome extension installed it will route you to add it to chrome.
  5. Now that “Advanced font settings” extension is added you should be able to see the advance font settings page as below:
  6. Simply configure the same as screenshot above. For font, you don’t have to necessarily pick Khmer OS Battambang, you can pick any Khmer unicode font.
  7. Then click Apply settings, then your font should change.
  8. However, no change is observed.  Then go to setting again then Customize font.
    Unders Standard font also select the Khmer unicode font that you want. Then it should reflect now.





Fix Khmer Unicode Display In Google Chrome

Type Khmer Unicode Properly In Illustrator

If you are having problem typing Khmer Unicode in Illustrator,  then this post will help to fix that. The problem I encountered was that the leg doesn’t appear after type ‘j’ and the vowel some time on wrong letter. Well anyway, basically, the problem is when you type it doesn’t turn out as it supposed to be. You need to do below settings. FYI: I’m using Adobe Illustrator CC.

Step 1: Go to Edit > Preferences > Type… Then make sure that “Show Indic Options” is ticked.



Step 2: Click on Paragraph link to see the paragraph dialog box then click on the little menu icon on top right of the dialog and make sure that the option “Middle Easter & South Asian Every-line Composer” is ticked.


With this you are good to go. 🙂 Enjoy typing Khmer in Illustrator. If it doesn’t work please drop a comment and mention your illustrator version.

Type Khmer Unicode Properly In Illustrator