Android Jelly Bean

After my friend received the update and tempted, I finally updated my SIII to Jelly Bean. I didn’t get the update in the menu Software Update though. I did the manual update. Well if you want instruction to do so is all over the net. Just need to pick the more recent one to get the correct version of update.

Now on the my opinion on the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy SIII. Well, first of all I didn’t really follow up much on any Android update and stuff. So I’m starting using Jelly Bean with know prior knowledge at all as of what’s new in Jelly Bean compared to Ice Cream Sandwich. So all comments will be based on user experience and any difference I actually noticed personally. Okay to begin with, I do notice a few subtle different like the change in icon stack interface. They also move around some options to different places. Quite a number of added transition animation probably to improve user interaction experience. Well at least that’s how I felt on Jelly Bean. Though it look pretty much the same as Ice Cream Sandwich, you somehow get the feel that it’s more responsive, more interactive, and kinda smooth. I thought Ice Cream Sandwich was already very smooth but Jelly Bean is even smoother. So on the a whole, definitely a better experience on Jelly Bean.

However, if you’re thinking of upgrading you probably might want to give a second thought. Because, seems like running Jelly  Bean consume your phone battery faster. And I’m talking noticeably faster. When I switch to SIII, I was so glad that the battery life is great for a smart phone. But after upgrading to Jelly Bean, that’s probably the main factor that makes me regretted upgrading. So if you really value your battery life (especially for 3G users) and can forgo that improvement in user experience by all mean don’t upgrade.

Android Jelly Bean

Samsung Galaxy SIII

Just switch over from iPhone 4S for about 2 weeks. First impression it’s great. After 2 weeks of usage, I love it. Well, mostly. There’re still a few things that I would love to be improved.

What I love about SIII:

  • The relatively large screen size – compared to iPhone. You would say why not Galaxy Note then? Personally, I think Galaxy Note is too big for a phone. And makes you look quite retarded when picking up calls.
  • The camera – I got myself an iPhone 4S earlier was mainly because of the camera factor as well. Well now this still one of the main reason I switched over to SIII. Better camera picture and no cool down time between shot. Awesome!
  • The speed – well as known, the highly applauded Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9.
  • The customization and compatibility –  Gone with iTune and syncing. Just copy paste, drag and drop and it’s there and playable right on the phone. Pick an app from PlayStore, your phone automatically installs it. .avi .mkv .flac.. any file format you name it, it’ll play it. I know this is more of Android rather SIII. But still it’s a lot faster on SIII for me to enjoy all the experience. Call me a nerd or a geek. But I love the ability to customize software and have full control of the system not letting some iTune doing all the back-end work.
  • Work seamlessly with google service… probably one major problem I have with iOS. And again this is probably a plus point for Android and not SIII but again at this point, my SIII and my Adroid is one.
  • The Battery life! oh yes the battery life! Something I’m sorry deprived off on 4S especially for a user who always turn on 3G. You tell me to turn off 3G to save battery, is as good as telling me not to use smart phone. SIII battery life is noticeably much longer than 4S with 3G on. And they have a quite a number of battery saving app that actually works!
  • Still looks slim with cover on. Probably a minor point, but it’s also part of my consideration. Since for iPhone, when I put the back cover on, I find it quite bulky. So I ended up not using cover at all. SIII with cover on still pretty much slim, which is good.

What I don’t like about SIII:

  • Position of volume and standby buttons: it’s too low. Always accidentally press it when holding my phone. So irritating.
  • Screen brightness – quite a lot of review on the net I read complain about SIII’s LCD brightness. Now I know what they mean. On iPhone, I’m always at 50% brightness and it was already quite bright. But on SIII, I’m on 100% brightness, and I’m still wishing it can go to 200%. That’s how dim it is.
  • Stupid background service hogging my RAM – seriously I don’t know what and how many background service Android is running. I have no application on and doing nothing, my RAM is already 470+ MB used up. And though advertised as 1GB RAM. I only see 700+ MB of RAM in Application Managers. So if I run a lot of other app with background service… The RAM so easily filled up. Luckily, there’s an app to take care of that. Either way, I’m still kinda disappointed.

All in all, I think the pros for using SIII pretty much outweigh the cons for me. I can’t wait to try Jelly Bean. Don’t think I’ll ever convert back to iPhone. I seriously don’t like my device to control my behavior and usage. For me it should always be the other way round.

Samsung Galaxy SIII

This Week Random Stuff

  • Min Sing Steamboat @ Clementi Ave 2  ()
    This place is not bad. Had a nice steamboat dinner under the heavy rain with my friends under the heavy rain. It’s one of the few steamboat occasion where I didn’t feel bloated after the meal. I felt satisfied. It’s an order base buffet and not take-all-you-want kind. Though the portion of each order were small, but the meat and vegetable quality were relatively higher.
  • WYSIWYG WebBuilder ()
    A really awesome and easy-use-tool to build webpage. Came across this tool while I was helping my gf with her assignment.
  • and AllYouLike.Com ()
    If you bought an extabit premium account like me and have difficulty finding the dl links. These 2 of the best sites to get extabit links.
  • Torchlight II ()
    Probably not the best in its genre but I kinda like it. It offers some different and has a unique design to it too. It’s like a good breather from all the major hit like Diablo and Titan Quest. I like their concept too.
This Week Random Stuff